How to Partner

Partner with Education at Work to bring 240 on-campus jobs and a minimum of $2.8 million of financial resources to your students

Education at Work is currently seeking universities that share our innovative spirit and student-centered mission. We believe that our partnership increases access and recruitment of qualified incoming students in addition to assisting with retention and persistence initiatives.

Each campus partnership is contingent upon an agreement made between Education at Work and the university. The main ask from a university standpoint is to provide Education at Work 10,000 square feet of contiguous space. Further details of the plan are as follows:

Education at Work


  • Tables
  • Chair
  • Signage
  • Location on or near campus
  • 10,000 contiguous square feet (on average)
  • Availability of training and office space
  • Carpet, sound baffling, HVAC, walls painted
  • Access to restrooms (number dependent on size)
  • Adequate ingress and egress for student population
Information Technology
  • Desktops, screens, headsets
  • Connectivity and billing to local Telco broadband
  • Facility access and security
  • Server and hardware
  • Access to local Telco broadband
  • 20 amp circuit for every ten stations
  • Back-up generator
  • Emergency lighting
On-going Maintenance
  • Equipment and workstations
  • Utilities
  • Janitorial

Bring Education at Work to Your Campus