Jameeka Miller, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

Jameeka MillerJameeka Miller is a sophomore at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and is pursuing an associate’s degree in psychology. Jameeka was first hired at Education at Work (EAW) as a call center agent, and was then promoted to a quality analyst. Jameeka plans to soon graduate from her two-year program and transfer to a university to obtain her bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology.

What led Jameeka to EAW were the flexibility around academic schedules and on-campus activities, and the tuition assistance program. Her experience at Education at Work has developed her time management, responsibility, and organizational skills. Creating and maintaining a positive environment in our organization is one of Jameeka’s great abilities, and shows her passion for company culture. She has contributed greatly to creating a culture of energetic and motivated students. Jameeka also thrives in off-campus activities such as spending quality time with her community and family.

Jameeka’s goal for her post-college career is to work as a clinical psychologist in her hometown of Cincinnati, OH. She is obtaining her goal of continuing higher education through our tuition assistance program and has earned $1,500! We are honored to have Jameeka as a part of our organization due to the success she is achieving both professionally and academically. Jameeka brings a lot to our team through her leadership, charisma, and drive. We look forward to her success both in her upcoming graduation and her pursuit of a four-year program. Keep striving for higher learning, Jameeka!


Published April 17, 2017

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