Jermaine Drake, Mount St. Joseph University

As a self-motivated college student, Jermaine Drake maintains a strong work ethic as he completes his undergrad degree in Health and Wellness from Mount St. Joseph University. His determination to overcome challenges and focus on big picture goals sets him apart. Even though the Cleveland, OH neighborhood where Jermaine is from did not provide a clear pathway to attend college, his family placed a high importance on the value of earning a degree. Jermaine’s mother attended community college so she could stay home to raise him and his siblings, and Jermaine’s father also earned a college degree to help advance his career. Jermaine’s family has provided immense support urging him to focus on attaining his dreams, but additional resources were needed to make them possible.

Fortunately, Jermaine and his family discovered that working for Education at Work (EAW) would create an opportunity to help him learn relevant job skills, provide additional financial support and fuel his desire to complete his degree.

Jermaine’s big dream is to be a professional football player, but he knows he needs to have a backup plan. He formulated his plan “B” to merge his love of sports with career goals. If the NFL doesn’t work out, Jermaine will earn his fitness-training license and pursue a career as a personal trainer. On this pathway, his primary post-grad opportunity would be to practice personal training at a nonprofit in Cleveland called Little Giants. This organization aims to teach inner-city youth how to have a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and how to overcome adversity to play at their full potential.

While working at EAW, Jermaine has served as a counselor in the student loan space, connecting graduates to services that enable them to create a pathway to loan repayment. Learning the fundamentals of how student loans work and the impact of repayment post- graduation, has resulted in Jermaine making his own more-informed financial decisions. He also credits EAW for helping him acquire valuable workplace experience and confidence, and hopes to eventually advance his education with an MBA degree. We look forward to seeing the future impact Jermaine will have on others, and hope to watch him make it onto the field in the NFL, with a second career firmly in his back pocket!


Published July 17, 2017

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