Joel Buck, University of Utah

Joel Buck, a recent spring University of Utah graduate and former Education at Work student employee, accepted a full-time position with the same global technology company he worked on behalf of while employed at Education at Work. Joel was with EAW for over a year and credited EAW with providing him the opportunities that allowed him to grow his professional skills.

Joel began his journey with EAW through the suggestion of a close friend who was already employed with the organization. “She loved the atmosphere and people and kept pushing me to join so I could get more work experience and we could work together,” says Joel.

Joel mentions that one of his favorite experiences while working for EAW was the ability to build friendships with coworkers and staff. “Everyone at EAW cares about one another and their work, and it creates an atmosphere unlike anywhere I've ever seen.”

Through his time at EAW, Joel created professional relationships that helped him secure his full-time position with the software company. He says he worked on a lot of different projects and worked directly with management who pushed for him to better understand the tech company and its opportunities through a special program available to EAW student employees. Joel knew he wanted to jump-start his career in marketing because of his passion for psychology and sociology, and believed this opportunity was a good fit.

Speaking of his experience during his three hour interview for the full-time position Joel says that the ambition and the overall passion that employees at the technology company had for the company’s mission made a strong impression on him, “I had only ever dreamed of the opportunity to work at a company so involved in cutting-edge technology over such an enormous reach so it's honestly crazy still to think about it.”

Joel credits the tuition assistance he earned at EAW with helping him graduate debt free, saying he never had to take out a student loan. “Without the tuition assistance, I'd likely be looking at a lot of debt right now!”

We wish Joel the best of luck and our full support for his future endeavors!


Published August 28, 2019.

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