Education at Work (EAW) is a non-profit organization with a mission to help college students minimize student loan debt while developing career-ready professional skills and connections to post-graduation employers. EAW partners with leading universities and forward-thinking companies to employee high-achieving, tech-savvy college students in a variety of customer support positions in our campus centers or at our client sites. Our client partners enjoy the benefit of smart, engaging students serving their customers combined with the opportunity to cultivate a future talent pipeline ready to fill positions across their organizations.

Collegiate Workforce Solutions

Organizations are able to open the door to a fresh talent pool of smart, eager to achieve employees. Our partners see a quicker time to proficiency on key metrics and a reduction in training time while developing a brand motivated talent pipeline. EAW's goal is to hire college students who will fit your talent pipeline post-graduation.


Unparalleled University Access

As a non-profit, EAW is granted unparalleled campus recruiting access through local university partnerships. We work directly with departments such as career services and financial aid to identify students who stand to benefit the most from EAW's student success model. As a result, EAW's workforce is comprised of over 40% first generation and 50% students of color.

Unmatched Workforce

EAW offers students a competitive base wage in addition to $5,250 per year in tuition assistance based on four work performance factors: hours worked, attendance, job performance and college semester GPA. As a result, students reporting to our centers are motivated to achieve both inside and outside of the classroom. Upon graduation, our students understand your culture, the performance you expect and have achieved the business metrics to prove they are ready to serve your brand.


In response to COVID-19, EAW has shown our clients that we can quickly pivot, organize and adjust when a crisis occurs and that our agile student workforce can continue to deliver exceptional customer support and exceed our clients’ objectives from a work-at-home environment.

Campus Centers

We have formal relationships with universities across the country that serve as hosts for our campus centers. While there is variance with each university partnership, at a high level, we ask universities to provide us space at no cost to operate our facilities and assistance with recruiting students who would get the most value from the Education at Work experience. While our positions are open to the entire campus community, we work with our university partners to ensure we target recruiting initiatives to students in financial need, often underserved student populations including first-generation college students.

On Client Sites

In addition to our campus based solution, we also provide students to work on our clients’ sites. For this model, we have recruiting relationships with colleges and universities that are a short commute from our clients’ locations. In addition to recruiting students for client programs, we assign a Program Manager and staff to ensure program success.

We employ students in a variety of roles including:

  • Customer Service
  • Workplace Investing
  • IT / Security
  • Client Administration
  • Personal Investing
  • Analytics
  • Help Desk
  • Project Management
  • HR Support

Expect Simplicity, We handle:

  • Recruiting
  • Hiring
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Supplemental Employee Coaching
  • Payroll
  • Timecards

Interested in being part of a worthy mission?

Contact us and learn about our solutions powered by smart, tech-savvy students. To learn more about our partnership program contact Scott Blevins, Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Growth at Education at Work, [email protected] (513) 841-3605

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