Julie Nguyen, Arizona State University

Julie-Nguyen-ASU-Student-EmployeesAs a first generation college student at Arizona State University, Julie Nguyen is a rising junior studying nursing with a minor in personal health. Julie is passionate about providing care for babies and young children, which is her inspiration for wanting to become a neonatal nurse. However, she knew the cost of earning her nursing degree would be difficult to finance without some additional support. Fortunately, Julie received an email from the Education at Work (EAW) recruiting team about an on-campus job to provide social media customer support for an online payments processor. Even though this job was not directly related to her major, Julie decided to take the opportunity for the tuition assistance (TA) support and real world work experience. By leveraging EAW’s TA program, Julie has earned $6,000 to date, which has helped close the gap to fund her education without taking out any student loans.

As a result of working with EAW, Julie has learned critical personal and professional skills that will help prepare her for entering the workforce as a capable neonatal nurse. For example, Julie has developed communication and management skills while assisting our client’s customers with account issues and processing their online payments. This valuable skill set will be useful for successfully navigating a chaotic hospital work environment, as well as effectively interacting with patients and their concerned family and friends. In addition, working at EAW has taught Julie how to protect the security of customers’ data, which will translate well to a hospital where patient records need to be closely guarded.

Julie also values the student-centered culture at EAW where she enjoys working in a fast-paced contact center environment. Julie has received tremendous support from her supervisors and fellow coworkers both academically and professionally, which has helped her balance the responsibilities of work and school. All of her EAW team leaders emphasize they are available to mentor her and are willing to “go to the extra mile” to assist her when workplace challenges and issues with customers arise. She has learned how to establish professional and personal relationships within a caring dynamic.

Our EAW team is excited to see how Julie’s strong work ethic and caring nature will translate into a long-term career as an accomplished neonatal nurse. We believe Julie’s current work experience and on-the-job skill set, paired with her nursing degree and proper training, will position her to make a strong impact in the world through supporting some of the most vulnerable patients in the neonatal unit.


Published August 21, 2017

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