Laura Forero, Xavier University

Laura Forero, Xavier University, Class of 2017Laura Forero is a senior at Xavier University completing her studies for a bachelor’s degree in public relations and advertising. Laura began working for Education at Work in January of 2015 starting out first as an auditing agent for government issued phones. She was then promoted to a position as a student recruiter, and then to her current position as a marketing assistant. Laura’s post-graduate career plans are to find a full-time position that complements her desire to make a difference. Laura excels both professionally and academically, while also dedicating time to extra-curricular activities such as Asi es Columbia dance group, traveling, and writing.

Laura found out about Education at Work through other students who were discussing our tuition assistance program. She decided to join our team so that she could have the opportunity to gain both professional and experiential learning. Earning money towards tuition has brought confidence to her studies and reassurance that upon graduation she will be able to conquer her college debt. Laura enjoys working within her department as she assists with writing, designing, and implementing branding strategies.

Her favorite thing about working here, besides our tuition assistance program, is the flexibility EAW offers her. She enjoys the freedom to format her work schedule around her studies. EAW has prepared her for the real world by giving her professional advice and the opportunity to work in the marketing field prior to graduation. She is truly thankful for the ability to already have an established professional portfolio. Outside of her success in our company, Laura has enjoyed being able to implement her skills in the classes she is taking academically. This makes her more valuable and sought-after to her potential future employers.

Laura provides our company with exceptional visionary skills that help set us apart from our competitors. Her excitement and drive to give 100% to her job builds a healthy company culture for EAW. We are excited for Laura’s career ventures post-graduation and truly wish the best for her as she goes out to make her mark on the world!


Published April 17, 2017

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