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We are a non-profit organization helping college students graduate with less debt by partnering with our clients to address their customer service needs through a high-achieving, collegiate workforce.

Fulfilling our mission depends on the success of our clients who recognize that energetic, tech-savvy college students are the key to creating strong contact center partnerships.

Education at Work strives to place student success at the core of our mission. We strongly believe in the transformative power of higher education and continue to develop a company culture that continuously reinforces lifelong learning. Each staff member shares a responsibility to contribute to the development of our workforce’s personal, educational, and professional growth by promoting a comfortable and collaborative environment that values the ideas and creativity of our students.

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We Live Out Our Mission By

  • Providing our tuition assistance program as a vehicle that drives student performance inside and outside of the classroom
  • Promoting in-house advancement opportunities for students to cultivate their talents through internships, co-ops, and external marketing activities
  • Helping students leverage their customer service experiences to create a strong personal brand and resume upon graduation
  • Investing in our students to create a distinguished workforce that is equipped with a high level of technical skills and emotional intelligence
  • Optimizing students’ professional growth through consistent and constructive feedback and creating channels for open communication

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