Madi Hendricks, University of Utah

Madi Hendricks, an operations and supply chain major and junior at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, found Education at Work through help from her academic advisor.

During an academic advising appointment on campus she mentioned to her advisor that she needed a part-time job. Her advisor told her about EAW and recommended that she apply. Since, Madi has been at EAW for almost two years and earned more than $4,400 in tuition assistance. During her first year at EAW, Madi worked for EAW on behalf of a global technology company where she excelled in her customer service role. Eventually, she was given special projects that aligned with her career goals. With these special projects, she was handed more responsibility and was able to take on different tasks. She says that it is through these tasks that she grew professionally.

“I’ve learned how to manage my time better,” says Madi. “This experience taught me how to prioritize and focus on what tasks need to get done at the moment.”

Madi now works for EAW as a client development representative, a role that she says changes day to day, which she mentions she thoroughly enjoys. She's been able to speak to a variety of people and has had several interesting conversations with individuals in her newest role.

When Madi was searching for a part-time job, she had no clue where to start or what she was looking for. “I just wanted to make sure my job would align with my future and goals.”

Madi remarks that she enjoys the problem solving aspect of her past and current EAW position.

“I am thankful for Education at Work and eager for what the future holds for me continuing this journey,” says Madi.


Published September 9, 2019.

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