Max Davis, University of Utah

Max Davis is a senior at the University of Utah majoring in business management and an Education at Work student employee who has been with EAW since the start of the Utah program in 2017. In over two years, Max has earned more than 12,000 dollars in tuition assistance.

“It’s awesome to see the development of our site as well as the development of how EAW is running things,” Max says referring to growth he’s seen firsthand at the EAW site in Utah.

Max works for EAW on behalf of our global technology client of which he is a super fan and has a great appreciation for the culture at Education at Work. This passion for both our client and EAW, led Max to begin sharing his best customer service practices with other students to help them succeed in their roles at Education at Work.

After reviewing previous chats with customers, Max felt he could build consistent customer service results that would leave each customer with an incredibly impactful and positive encounter.

Max brought his ideas about improving customer service to his supervisors and, with their feedback, wrote the 6-Star Awakening Manual. The manual was designed with the goal of making each customer service call or chat an immensely positive experience that would connect a customer to a chat/phone agent on a more personal level through language and understanding. Six-stars within the 6-star Awakening Manual refers to going above and beyond during each customer service call/chat to leave the customer with a positive impression of the global technology company’s brand.

“I felt like I was awakened to wanting to help other people along the way so they didn’t have to struggle through some of the stuff I had to learn how to do,” says Max. 

Max describes the manual as being split into three sections: how to build rapport with customers, how to be professional with customers and how to have The 6-Star Mindset.

He says he’s thrilled about making an impact on customers he’s working with and hopes to make customer service the best experience that it can be for customers on behalf of our client.

Max’s efforts in building a better customer service experience have paid off. The 6-Star Awakening Manual has already been implemented at EAW’s Arizona State University site in Tempe, Arizona and our client has shown interest in rolling out Max’s manual to other agents within their network.

“Max has shown great perseverance throughout his time at EAW. His positive attitude is contagious – his passion for the program and his fellow students is obvious,” says Bill Jacobi, EAW’s Vice President of Operations and site leader in Utah. “We are grateful to have excellent students such as Max and look forward to seeing his continued development in the future.”

Max says he would tell other students to take a chance and work for Education at Work, “I think if they take a chance and are willing to just try out the work life balance I think they are going to come to find they are going to love working with EAW and it’s going to contribute to their professional development.”

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