Connor Brown, Northern Kentucky University

Connor has been enthusiastic about software engineering ever since he was nine years old. Therefore, it’s no surprise his passion led to a college degree in this field. Connor majored in computer information technology and minored in information security at Northern Kentucky University (NKU). He began working for Education at Work in July of 2016, and was quickly promoted to supervisor, which enabled him to lead a team of students for our payroll processing client.  Within this position, Connor supported his students with job skill development, counseling on how to think about professional career choices and advice on how to balance school and work.  Connor describes his opportunity with EAW as, “a campus-like organization within a campus, assisting in the transitional phase from college classroom to the professional workforce.”

Despite success both professionally and academically, the adversity Connor has faced throughout college is another contributing factor to his current success. Connor suffers from a heart condition, yet he doesn’t let this obstacle hinder his achievements. He faced this challenge, combined with challenges at work and school, with courage and perseverance. As a result of his adversity, he has found a passion for impacting others’ lives and encouraging people in similar situations. He has been involved in on-campus activities such as Rooted, a campus resource for student support.

During his tenure with EAW, Connor earned a total of $6,000 towards his degree at NKU. In addition to the wages and tuition support, Conner is grateful for the mentorship he got from his EAW leadership team. Post-graduation, Connor was hired as an IT supervisor for a rapidly growing Cincinnati-based organization. He will be truly missed for how he has lived out our mission and values. The EAW team wishes him well in his future endeavors.

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