Mystery Post, Westminster College

Mystery Post, a senior on track to graduate this December and an English major at Westminster college, first heard about Education at Work from flyers posted on school bulletin boards and student ambassadors who talked to her about EAW. Afterwards, she decided to apply.

Mystery has been with EAW for four months and she says it’s the best experience she’s had with a part-time employment position over the course of her college career. She describes the EAW environment as open, welcoming and understanding. What she likes most about EAW is the one-on-one interaction that higher level employees and supervisors give each person. She goes on to explain why EAW is one of the best part-time work experiences she has had, “Having an employer that actually cares about me achieving my education and co-workers who share goals so similar to mine is beyond anything I ever expected. I wish I'd heard of EAW sooner.”

She’s received more than 2,000 dollars in tuition assistance. Mystery is a first generation college student and the eldest of eight children in a single parent household. She says her life outside of work and school heavily revolve around family; she recently helped one of her sisters learn how to cook and helped another sibling with college applications. She says her long term goals mostly involve earning her degree and eventually helping achieve financial stability for herself and her family.

Her goals, in the short term, are to finish her final semesters at Westminster. After, she plans to apply to an overseas program to teach English in Japan for a few years and then possibly go to grad school. She hopes to one day work in the publishing industry.

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