Dave Dougherty

Dave Dougherty founded Education at Work (EAW) following his retirement as CEO of Convergys Corporation, the world’s largest provider of contact center services. Dougherty saw an opportunity to leverage the business process outsourcing industry in a way that would help college students graduate with less debt and gain work experience that would better prepare them for their professional careers.

Dougherty’s inspiration for this innovative organization came from his own experience in college. As a senior at the University of Michigan, he was disheartened by his ever-increasing tuition costs. Feeling burdened by the debt he was acquiring, Dougherty began prospecting on-campus job opportunities that would make paying off his student loans easier. This is when he stumbled upon an open position for Vice President of Finance in the University Activities Center. After interviewing and securing the position, Dougherty went on to successfully increase revenue for the center and improve their student engagement initiatives on-campus. Dougherty credits the skills he gained at the University Activities Center for the qualifications that ultimately helped him rise to leadership positions within Proctor & Gamble and beyond. With this in mind, he went on to form Education at Work which has supported over 3,000 students with $20 million in tuition assistance and wages to-date.

Dougherty graduated in 1978 from the Ross School of Business acquiring a BBA in Finance with Distinction. Upon graduation, Dougherty began his career at Proctor & Gamble where he dedicated eight years of profession to the company as a Brand Manager. His second venture with Lens Crafters lasted four years. Dougherty then transitioned to Convergys where he worked for five years both as a COO and CEO. Lastly, in 2012 Dougherty formed EAW and was President and CEO for six years. Outside of Dougherty’s professional achievements, he enjoys competing on the USATA’s Men’s 60s National Tennis Circuit. It is thanks to Dougherty's drive and passion for education that our organization exists and can continue to improve the lives of thousands nationally.

“Education can transform lives, it prepares you for making better life decisions and creates an intellectual curiosity that you take with you for the rest of your life.” - Dave Dougherty

Awards & Recognition

  • JDRF “Cincinnatian of the Year” Award 2016: Raised $1.4M for research
  • Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters Degree from MSJU: Commencement speaker 2016
  • Business Courier Second Act Award for founding EAW in 2012
  • United Way 2010 Campaign Chairman: Raised $60.6M