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The average college student graduates $32,000 in debt. Don’t be average.

With the national student debt piling up by the second, it’s easy to see college students have a big problem. A $1.3 trillion problem to be exact. Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Education at Work supports college students by helping pay for day-to-day and tuition expenses through part-time work for major companies. We try to make being a college student a little easier by offering part-time jobs that fit your busy schedule. By the end of your experience with us, you will gain a monster skillset that employers are salivating for after graduation.

With Us...

Your parents’ basement won’t be your only option after graduation.

Take advantage of our tax-free tuition assistance program and earn up to $5,250 a year for school on top of an hourly wage. This attractive piece of moo-la will help you reduce student debt and allow you to focus on your career and dreams after graduation. After all, your parents’ basement and independence don’t belong in the same sentence.

Win over your future boss with a monster skill set.

About 40% of employers are convinced recent graduates lack “soft skills” and aren’t ready for employment. Work with us and learn how to build your communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills so you can be a valuable asset to employers after graduation.

Creating a work schedule will be a breeze.

You can call us the fairy godmother of scheduling. We understand the demands of being a busy college student and work with your class schedule to create a part-time schedule that works for you. 

Everyone wins if you bring a friend (#BYOF).

Bring Your Own Friend (Yes, we made that a hashtag) to Education at Work and earn $$ for each friend that joins our team.

Success Stories

Education at Work students are doing big things. No autographs please.


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