Student Success Stories

Education at Work students are achieving greatness. No autographs please.

Each Education at Work story shares a common theme reflective of our mission, to eliminate student debt. We thought you would enjoy getting to know some of the EAW all-stars who exemplify a commitment to learning, advancement, and great customer service.

Eric Wachendorf

From college to career

Mystery Post

Achieving financial stability

Molly Pulsfort

Women in Informatics

Berenice Zubiate

Gaining career building skills

JT Hood

Telling stories through his lens

Samantha Jeffries

Road-map to a doctorate

Jessica Parra

Debt free graduate

Jacob Castle

Design that matters

Umair Khokhar

Transferable job skills

Alisa Cloward

1st-Generation College Student

Jameeka Miller

From associate to bachelor's

Jermaine Drake

Determined to dream big

Sukhleen Bal

Embracing cultural diversity

Devin Reinert

Discovering currency trading

Laura Forero

Student diversity and solidarity

Tanner Campbell

Strength from challenges

Connor Brown

Overcoming adversity

Julie Nguyen

Making a social impact

Lizzy Wolking

Graduating debt-free

Danielle Russell

Knowledge seeker & educator

Ryan Cash

A world of opportunities

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