Student Success Stories

Education at Work students are achieving greatness. No autographs please.

Each Education at Work story shares a common theme reflective of our mission, to eliminate student debt. We thought you would enjoy getting to know some of the EAW all-stars who exemplify a commitment to learning, advancement, and great customer service.

Laura Forero

Student diversity and solidarity

Ryan Cash

A world of opportunities

Lizzy Wolking

Graduating debt-free

Connor Brown

Overcoming adversity

Jameeka Miller

From associate to bachelor's

Jermaine Drake

Determined to dream big

Danielle Russell

Knowledge seeker & educator

Molly Pulsfort

Women in Informatics

Sukhleen Bal

Embracing Cultural Diversity

Devin Reinert

Discovering currency trading

Samantha Jeffries

Road-map to a doctorate

Tanner Campbell

Strength from challenges

Umair Khokhar

Transferable job skills

Julie Nguyen

Making a social impact

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