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Powered by Smart College Students Eager to Experience Sales

“Education at Work is a part of our company’s customer care fabric and we are invested in our mutual success. Our decision to partner with Education at Work was based on a business case that provided for increased agent utilization across our program and savings through the scheduling of part-time college students working during our peak volume hours. The anticipated productivity gains are being realized.”

~ VP, Global Client Services- World Class Technology Provider

Imagine a workforce eager to learn real-world selling skills to complement their field of study. Our students are screened for selling aptitude and college degrees that relate to sales, marketing, and/or communication. We hire highly-motivated students with a gift for communicating, who can assist you in delivering your revenue goals. The environment we create together is team-oriented, fast-paced, and incentive driven to generate excitement and exceptional business results.

Our sales portfolio includes:

  • Inbound, upsell and cross sell
  • Outbound, upgrades and renewals
  • Lead generation and appointment setting

Consider how our high-achieving college students can impact your sales results today.

Ready to access student talent?

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