Samantha Jeffries, University of Cincinnati

Samantha Jeffries UC studentSamantha Jeffries is a senior at the University of Cincinnati completing a bachelor’s degree in social work. Upon completing her four-year degree, Samantha plans to get her master’s in occupational therapy. Her academic goals don’t stop there as she is striving to earn a doctorate degree to complete her achievements.

Samantha began working for Education at Work in November of 2014. She started out as an agent, but was soon promoted to her current position as a phone screener/student recruiter. Samantha’s career goal post-college is to work for a hospital as an occupational therapist. Samantha first heard about EAW while commuting on a campus shuttle. She discussed her need for a job with someone else on the shuttle, and that friend told her about EAW and the tuition assistance she would receive if hired. Samantha researched EAW, then applied and got hired!

Samantha was immediately captivated by our company culture. She saw an environment where motivated students could thrive and work towards successfully completing their degrees. She enjoyed the atmosphere her co-workers created and felt encouraged to excel professionally. Her experience here at Education at Work has developed her networking, critical thinking, and communication skills. What’s more than that, is that our tuition assistance program is allowing her to pursue degrees even after she earns her bachelor’s. The financial support our program offers has paved the way toward success.

Not only is Samantha gifted both professionally and academically, but she also has a talent for playing the piano. In between maintaining her hobbies and responsibilities, Samantha finds time to be active and engaged with her community and campus. Overall, Samantha has shown dedicated leadership to our company and has inspired other student employees to utilize our program. We are fulfilling our mission and values through students like Samantha who prosper in so many areas. We are so thankful for the energy and motivation Samantha brings to our company culture! Keep up the hard work, Samantha!


Published April 17, 2017

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