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First Generation: Miguel Valladares

Miguel Valladares is an Arizona State University student, studying sports business, and entering his sophomore year in college. He is also the oldest of four, Mexican-American, and a first-generation college student. “To go on and get into college,” Miguel says, “it made my parents proud and it made me proud because it’s something I’ve dreamed…

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First Generation: Lizbeth Fonseca

“I’m really proud of myself for getting this far.” Lizbeth Fonseca has a lot to be proud of. As a first-generation student, she has continued to be resilient in her efforts to pursue her dreams. Lizbeth is a senior studying finance at The University of Texas at Dallas who jumped at the opportunity to work…

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First Generation: Holly Milosevich

Meet Holly Milosevich, the first in her family to enroll in university. Now that she’s here, she’s determined to meet the goals she’s set for herself while she completes her studies. “I’m really proud of my accomplishments and my achievements while in college,” Holly says. Holly is a first-generation student at Arizona State University. Originally…

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First Generation: Gus Flores

Gus Flores is a junior at the University of Utah studying economics with a minor in French, a Student Supervisor at Education at Work and a first-generation student. Gus says he originally planned to bus tables for the rest of his college career until a friend who worked at EAW told him about the part-time…

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