Tanner Campbell, Northern Kentucky University

Tanner-Campbell-picTanner Campbell, a first generation college student, is determined to set himself up for a successful “Super Senior” year at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) where he plans to complete his degree in Organizational Leadership. As a graduating high school senior, NKU was Tanner’s top choice and the only school to which he applied. The choice was easy, but the funding required creativity to make his dream of earning a degree affordable. Through a combination of scholarships and tuition assistance from Education at Work, Tanner has been able to pay for all 5-years of his undergraduate education, supplemented with only $3,000 in student loans. Compared to the national average student debt for U.S. graduates of over $30,000, Tanner’s debt load is considerably smaller. Once Tanner graduates, he will be in a favorable position to quickly pay off his student loan debt.

Over the past year and a half, Tanner has been working on a global financial services program supporting customers on their 401k and savings plans. The client is an innovative financial services company, providing an opportunity for Tanner and others like him to work part-time in a professional environment while still in school. During his tenure on the program, Tanner has honed valuable real world job skills, such as corporate communication, problem solving, and patience. In addition, Tanner has further developed his skill set for asking insightful on-the-job questions and providing direction to his team through utilizing his quick problem-solving ability.

Throughout Tanner’s life, he has worked hard to overcome adversity on a daily basis. He was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in the 6th grade, and has learned how to manage it effectively by implementing coping mechanisms and minimizing his daily stress levels. Through working on the phones in a customer support position, Tanner has learned to better control the symptoms associated with his Tourette’s, which can impact behavior, muscular movement and mood. For example, the process he was trained on to help customers with their 401k and savings plans has allowed him to build a consistent routine around a calling script. This routine is important for managing compulsive behavior, word repetition, and hyperactivity. Also, engaging in frequent conversation with people has allowed Tanner to build more confidence, while reducing anxiety and apprehension associated with social interactions. At work, Tanner has improved his interpersonal skills, matured, and developed the ability to be more assertive through tasks requiring critical thinking.

Our team is impressed with Tanner’s strong work ethic and proud of his determination to overcome his daily challenges. We believe he will be a valuable asset to any organization and look forward to seeing where his bright future takes him, whether it’s a full-time position with our current client or beyond.


Published August 9, 2017

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