Umair Khokhar, Arizona State University

For Umair Khokhar, earning an undergrad degree at Arizona State University in biology, focused in cell development and genetics, is just a stepping-stone toward reaching his end goal of pursuing medical school and becoming a doctor.

When Umair started his undergraduate journey, he knew he was in for a lengthy medical school journey, and so began seeking out unique personal and professional experiences to maximize his on-campus involvement. After Umair received an email about an opening with Education at Work for a part-time customer support position, he was immediately interested in the opportunity. Not only was it on-campus, but would also help him gain work experience while reducing his reliance on student loans and parental support.

Umair has now been working for Education at Work (EAW) since June of 2016 and has quickly risen to a student leadership role.  He was promoted to EAW’s Workforce Management (WFM) team to support student scheduling. Through scholarships and EAW’s tuition assistance program, Umair has been able to cover his tuition expenses and ease the financial burdens for his parents.  Now he is in a position to not rely on his parents for his undergraduate and post-graduate education. Instead, his parents are able to more easily cover the smaller financial gap that’s leftover for items such as college textbooks, living expenses, etc.

EAW has not only helped Umair with his financial future, but has also taught him valuable professional skills. On the WFM team, Umair has learned specific on-the-job skills like how to sort through and analyze workforce data.  He has become more efficient at identifying and pulling out what's important in the dataset. This is a skill will transfer directly to patient care in a hospital one day, as a communicator and evaluator. As Umair explains, “I honestly enjoy helping people, knowing that I've made someone's day better, there's no other feeling like it, and EAW is helping me grow to do that!”


Published June 21, 2017

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