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Congratulations to one of our newest university partners! Just three weeks after announcing our partnership, 700 students had applied for positions at its campus contact center!

Dave Dougherty, EAW Founder


At our first on-campus center, we went from employing 0 students to 75 in one month, representing 5% of the undergraduate student population. 

At this on-campus center, EAW student employees are retained by the university at a 90% rate...

...The average tenure of these student employees is 1.5 years, and...

...they are graduating with 50% less student loan debt than their classmates who are not on the EAW team.

Our Educational Outreach team members are responsible for engaging the campus community ensuring Education at Work is adding curricular and co-curricular value to the institution.  In addition, these staff members serve as our “Student Affairs generalists” and create a safety net of support our students.


Tabling at ASU



Education at Work student employee


Education at Work is in continual communication with departments and units within the university to address any arising issues and create a seamless living-learning experience.

For every 240 jobs we create, we provide $2.1 million in annual wages and $720,000 in annual tuition assistance for the campus community.

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EAW Erin

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