On a University Campus or At Your Site, The Choice is Yours

We employ students on college campuses or on our client's site. Clients make a decision about the location based on what makes the most business sense for them.

the benefits of the EAW on-campus model
the benefits of eaw's on-site model

These students live, breathe, and identify with your brand as a symbol of their lifestyle. We create an opportunity for students to become immersed in your brand while working in dedicated contact center spaces at vibrant colleges and universities. The students become life-long brand evangelists while your customers enjoy a refreshing service experience.

We know businesses often face the challenge of finding part-time workers with the skills and drive to deliver results with minimal supervision. Our qualified college students can be sourced for current needs in exempt, professional level assignments. Education at Work students have supported clients ranging from large national companies to startups in a variety of departments and roles.

When You Employ College Students You Are:

  • Cultivating the customer experience skills of the fastest-growing generation in a dedicated, “branded” contact center located on a college campus.
  • Tapping the millennial and Gen Z generations to gain insights on how to better serve their generation, while preparing them to work within a multi-generational environment.
  • Positioning your brand as a leader in solving the student debt and underemployment crisis by helping pay tuition and creating professional experiences for college students.
  • Fostering a proven talent pipeline for full-time positions at your place of business after graduation.

Education at Work handles payroll, timecard, tuition assistance, and the personal and professional development of the students.

When students graduate we encourage you to make a full-time offer. This ‘”Try Before You Buy” approach will save your recruiters time and resources by leveraging the strengths of candidates who have already proven their abilities and value to your company.

“I really believe in the Education at Work Program. Not only does it benefit the students, it is a great flexible resource for business and provides a pool of talented hires with direct experience.”

~ Senior Vice President, Global Financial Services Company

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