Ryan Clark graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s Lindner College of Business in 2019 with a degree in business administration. While in college he worked at Education at Work (EAW) for a little over a year, earning more than 3,000 dollars in tuition assistance. Later, Ryan went on to receive a full-time role at the same financial services company he worked with while employed at Education at Work.

He says he discovered Education at Work as a student looking at UC's job board. He hadn’t had any luck finding a part-time job until he saw an analysis position at EAW. Ryan filled out an application that afternoon and received a call from Education at Work the next morning.

When speaking about his experience at EAW, Ryan says, “It never felt like I was leaving work or leaving school. My classes directly coincided with what I was doing at work and I think that made it a lot easier. It helped me learn very quickly. If I had been anywhere else it may have not been as easy for me to balance work and school.”

Ryan remarks that he was lucky to find a job that made it easy to transition from work to school.

When asked about his favorite part of Education at Work, he says it was the help he received from his program manager, Elizabeth Woosley. He explained that if he ever had a concern like clocking in Elizabeth was ready to hop on a phone call and talk him through it.

If Ryan was to give one piece of advice to students in college he says that it would be to make work and school a cohesive work environment by applying what is learned in class to work outside the classroom.

“The experience that EAW gives you, at least for me, is a good example that if you stick with it and you take the full benefits out of it that you can, you are going to come out of that opportunity in a much better position,” says Ryan.

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