Education at Work, Inc. Receives $150,000 Grant From The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Education at Work announced today that their organization has received a $150,000 grant from The Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

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Education at Work announced today that their organization has received a $150,000 grant from The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) as the local non-profit start-up builds momentum with increasing its list of customers who contract for their services.

Education at Work (EAW) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps college students in the Greater Cincinnati area learn critical job skills and earn tuition assistance. Education at Work is dedicated to helping students who might not otherwise be able to afford the costs of higher education. EAW hires college students as part-time customer service agents to serve the customers of their clients, such as Macy’s and Cincinnati Bell. The students provide these services on an outsourced basis as employees of Education at Work. In addition to a competitive hourly wage, through a combination of academic and job performance, the college students employed at Education at Work are also eligible for additional compensation in the form of tuition assistance up to $6,000 per year.

The GCF grant money will be used to cover certain operational expenses while Education at Work continues to develop its client base to increase revenues and re ach a critical mass.

“We inspire current and future generations to invest in a more vibrant and prosperous place where everyone can thrive.” said Shiloh Turner, GCF Vice President of Community Investment. “Education at Work is passionate about making higher education and gainful employment more accessible to people, both on a local and national level. This is a cause we believe in and fully support.”

Education at Work expects to grow its client base and business over the next few years to reach their goal of becoming self-funded. With the GCF grant, Education at Work will be one step closer to tackling the employment crisis in the United States as well as the ever-increasing cost of earning a college degree.

“The award of this grant is a great demonstration of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s commitment to investing in the future of our community. Cincinnati is not immune to the challenges that face our country overall: too few Americans have sufficient levels of higher education or college degrees, the cost of college education has become increasingly unaffordable, and many people lack the job skills necessary to fill jobs that are available.” says founder and CEO, Dave Dougherty. “Investing in our local communities makes our country stronger and more globally competitive.”

Education at Work is dedicated to investing in the future of college students, focusing on developing the job skills necessary for obtaining full-time employment after graduation, including communication, collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking. Along with these skills, students learn first-hand the responsibilities associated with retaining gainful employment, such as working with a diverse group of co-workers, punctuality, productivity, commitment, and personal accountability.

About Education at Work
Education at Work is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing wholly outsourced or staff augmentation services for call center and back office operations of leading companies, delivered exclusively in the U.S. Education at Work employs an agent workforce that is made up entirely of college students actively pursuing their degrees. Education at Work’s clients enjoy access to a high quality domestic U.S. service environment, pricing that is competitive with offshore markets – enabling them to repatriate American jobs, and a student population that can be a future talent pipeline for their firm. College students who work for Education at Work enjoy competitive base wages plus a tuition assistance program that pays up to $6,000/year, based on work and academic performance.

Students can graduate virtually debt-free through Education at Work with fundamental skills that better prepare them for success in the 21st century job market. For more information, please visit the Education at Work Website, or subscribe to the Education at Work Blog. You can also find EAW onFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation helps people make the most of their giving to build a better community. They believe in the power of philanthropy to change the lives of people and communities. As a community foundation, GCF creates a prosperous Greater Cincinnati by investing in thriving people and vibrant places. An effective steward of the community’s charitable resources since 1963, the Foundation inspires philanthropy in eight counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. GCF is celebrating 50 Years of Greater Generosity. Learn more at www.gcfdn.org/at50

Education at Work Media Contact
Name: Sean Dougherty
Phone: 513.841.3616
Email: [email protected]

#EAWisHOT: Photo Recap Of Bunbury Music Festival

The Education at Work team had a blast at Bunbury Music Festival 2013 along the Ohio River near Downtown Cincinnati!

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The Education at Work team had a blast at Bunbury Music Festival 2013 along the Ohio River near Downtown Cincinnati! Overall, the event was a major success for us! EAW’s attendance at Bunbury helped spread awareness for our brand and mission in the Greater Cincinnati community, as well as built up hype for our #EAWisHOT summer campaign. The EAW Booth Ambassadors chatted with people who stopped by our booth and helped handout custom flyers and branded wayfarer sunglasses. We also hosted a SCAN & WIN giveaway contest on our Bunbury microsite with a GoPro camera as the prize!

Here are some awesome photo snapshots that recap EAW’s presence at Bunbury 2013:


crowd at bunbury music festival
The crowd built throughout the day!

EAW booth at bunbury music festival
Check out ‘Ed’ on the back of the official #EAWisHOT t-shirt!

cincinnati skyline
View of the Ohio River and downtown Cincy skyline on the final day of Bunbury 2013.

EAW booth at bunbury music festival
We had our life-size ‘Ed AtWork’ avatar standee by our side!

EAW booth at bunbury music festival
Our booth was set up with a huge “WANTED” sign to help invite local college students to check us out!

performances at bunbury music festival
It tried to rain on our parade, but we made the best of it!

MGMT performing at bunbury music festival
MGMT performed an amazing set.