Millennials In The Call Center Environment

Millennials or “Gen Y” have grown up in both the most digitally influenced and financially turbulent time period.

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Who are the Millennials? 

Millennials or “Gen Y” have grown up in both the most digitally influenced and financially turbulent time period.

Having experienced the reality of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, along with viewing twenty-four seven news coverage of international unrest; this generation has learned from an early age that if the world is a definite thing — it is uncertain.   In their own homes, many witness their parents’ dreams of retirement placed on hold due to unforeseen financial instability in the market.  This generation knows that nothing, especially a career, is promised.

However, there’s a flipside to everything.  These experiences have also developed the Millennials as a generation able to handle even the most difficult challenges of our turbulent business environment and rising consumer expectations.

Millennials know how to multi-task and communicate across multiple channels, such as voice (VoIP), email, text, chat, social media outlets, web cam video sharing, etc.  Completing school work on their laptop as they listen to music, while chatting with friends through Facebook and texting from their smartphone; all while sitting in front of their HD television or balancing a tablet on their lap to catch up on the latest episode of their favorite show on the Netflix app or HBO Go.

The Millennials are also classified as “Digital Natives” since they were born into the age of digital technology.  It has become second nature as an integrated part of their lifestyle.  And it continues to mold and shape their experiences.

Millennials + Call Centers = Perfect Match

Having Millennials in the call center workforce brings immense value to the quality of customer service that can be provided.  At Education at Work, we only hire college students to perform part-time customer service representative work.  The students start day one with technology, multitasking and learning-ready skills far superior to the average call center hire.  At EAW, this gives us our competitive edge and our clients’ better service.

What makes millennials as a student workforce so valuable and qualified?

Many factors make Millennials more valuable: they are better educated, have a quicker learning curve, and can process massive quantities of information at once.  Millennials are used to being “Always On” and connected, so sitting at a computer, talking on a headset, and answering multiple inquiries “feels” right at home.

Millennials can better relate to customers on their troubleshooting questions, having dealt with very similar issues with their own product and service purchases.  In a recent survey of EAW Millennial employees, we learned that over 95% have experience buying products online.  And, 88% claim to be the go-to source for their friends and family who need troubleshooting help.  Our Millennial employees also have experience giving recommendations, writing reviews to influence new purchases, finding trends, etc.

Additional millennial strengths…

  • Excellent multi-taskers
  • Engaging, Sociable Nature – especially on digital platforms
  • Collaborative workers
  • Patience with diversity in communication styles

How do EAW’s millennials provide the best customer service for you?

“Our Students are Your Customers!”  Your company can expect higher quality service, as well as better knowledge of problems and issues related to your product-service offering, and the overall buying experience.  In our survey, we discovered other key factors that make our students so awesome!  They already have a lot of first-hand experience with your brand, and 62% have used online chat service as a consumer, prior to working with us.

Additionally, over 90% own a personal computer or laptop, which explains why 98% said they are either “very comfortable” or “an expert” at navigating the Internet and using online applications.  Our student-employees will be a perfect entry-level talent pool to work with your company because they already have familiarity with your business.

We believe in the power of leveraging the Millennial workforce, to help you improve the speed and quality of your customer experiences.  We know because our clients are reducing expense, improving revenue and increasing customer satisfaction.

Your customers expect a great service experience every time they interact with your business.  They expect someone who is knowledgeable and digitally savvy to be available—they expect all the qualities a student workforce of Millennials will deliver.

Reference: Marc Prensky, “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” published in 2001.