Tomás Valladares – EAW Has Been a Vital Supplement to my College Education

I am finishing my degree in finance at the University of North Texas and will be graduating in the spring with a full-time job lined up as a commercial underwriter with a major insurance carrier.

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I have worked at EAW all 3 years of my college career. In one of my first business classes, the professor told our class that one of the most important steps a college student can take is getting a job in the industry they are studying. A few weeks after hearing this I saw a job post for a phone agent position at a well-known financial company via Education at Work.

Applying for this position ultimately propelled my career forward more than I could have imagined. The flexibility offered by EAW allowed me to fit extracurricular activities into my schedule while going to school full-time. Professional organizations were also quick to accept my applications after seeing that I had experience in the industry and had developed important soft skills.

EAW gave me recognition for the work I did and provided me with promotions along the way. After working in customer service roles for nearly a year and a half, I was able to transition to a project manager role, allowing me to develop a wide spectrum of work experience with a Fortune 500 company. During an internship interview, the manager interviewing me kept coming back to the fact that I had client-facing experience and project management skills.

I believe these two skills developed at EAW were critical in landing the internship, leading to a full-time offer after graduation. I view EAW as a vital supplement to my college education. The two worked in tandem to provide a holistic educational experience that pushed my career forward while providing financial support along the way.

Zach Stanich – Reflecting on My Time at EAW

I studied my first two years of college at Portland State University in Oregon. Shortly after moving down to Arizona, I learned about EAW through Arizona State University. Now that I am graduating from ASU, I am reminiscing about my time at EAW.

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I am sad it is coming to an end but I am also very grateful for my 2 years at EAW. EAW has given me the opportunity to graduate from ASU with zero student debt. The amazing staff and leadership at EAW always make your education the #1 priority. They are constantly working around your school schedule and make sure you have time off for your finals. The environment of EAW, their staff and employees are all so welcoming and engaged in a common goal; everyone wants YOU to succeed and grow while obtaining your education.

I started my journey as a cell miner. I then had the chance to move up into our first ever LVAR team. I was able to help support and create the team with my supervisor at the time. I was the top performer on the team and my supervisor asked me to help as a “peer coach”. This gave me many skills and opportunities to learn as I helped my peers grow as well.

Now that I am graduating, I have been given an opportunity through EAW’s partnership with one of our high profile financial clients. I have been offered a full-time job and will be able to get my foot in the door with leadership opportunities based on my pre-established relationships in the company. My last day with EAW is January 7th!

Overall, I cannot thank EAW enough for the amazing opportunity it has given me. It is an incredible place to work. Everything I have to say about EAW is positive and it gave me the opportunity to grow while attending ASU. The skills and abilities EAW helped me develop have empowered me to reach my professional goals.

I want to take the time to thank you EAW one last time for everything you have given me during my time here.