4 Ways Millennials Are Reinventing The Workforce

Millennials are moving in and taking over the workforce faster than ever before.

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Millennials are moving in and taking over the workforce faster than ever before, bringing with them fresh ideas and energetic attitudes, a diverse generation, technology savvy individuals, and a passion for their jobs. They have a drive and determination that has not been present with any other generation. The documentary, Nameless, mentions “As accountability and higher school standards have risen to the top of America’s political agenda, Millennials have become a generation focused on achievement—and are on track to become the best-educated young adults in U.S. history.” This drive, determination and passion is what makes millennials some of the most intelligent and focused persons in the workforce. Here are four awesome ways Millennials are reinventing the workforce!

1. Fresh Ideas and Energetic Attitudes

More often, Millennials are joining companies and organizations, bringing with them minds and bodies that can move faster than most other people around them. Multi-tasking is a sought over skill that employers look for when choosing to hire a candidate. About Careers says, “The ability to plan, organize, and set realistic goals to get the work done in a realistic timeframe, is most important for anyone starting a new job.” Millennials can update Twitter and Facebook, respond to emails, and manage an analytics report all at the same time. They bring with them the work hard, play hard mentality and are passionate about their careers. In an article posted onInc., author Evan Burns, founder and CEO of the Odyssey (a platform democratizing news through community thought leaders), discusses how he often sees eye rolls when people hear the saying “Follow your passion no matter what.” But Millennials actually chase it, and for better or for worse, happiness is found in the search for passion and meaning. Most Millennials have a deep understanding of this concept.

2. Diverse Generation

Millennials also have an appreciation for diversity that generations before them do not. An article posted on Live Science discusses that “They are generally regarded as being more open-minded, and more supportive of gay rights and equal rights for minorities.”  And not only do they appreciate the diversity, they are the most diverse generation to date. According to The U.S. Chamber Foundation, “The shifting population is evidenced with 60% of 18-29 year olds classified as non-Hispanic white, versus 70% for those 30 and older.” Employers are seeking candidates who embrace this increasingly diverse society and use it to help grow their company or organization. Google, for example, is a company actively seeking Millennials. On Google’s website they talk about their hiring process and what they look for in candidates. Google aims to hire candidates from a diversity of backgrounds, and as mentioned before this is a quality Millennials have a passion for.

3. Open and Willing to Use Technology

Whether we like it or not, technology is taking over and embracing these advancements is a great way for companies to expand and grow. An article written onLinkedIn explains that because of current technology, companies can redefine who they are, what they offer, and how they offer it. As a result, by using technology effectively and efficiently, a company can create new products, new services, and entire new markets. The millennial generation grew up with this technology and is far more familiar with it than those of previous generations. They are open and willing to learn new things and use this technology to their advantage. There is a disconnect between previous generations and the technology of the millennial generation. This disconnect is able to be seen clearly in the area of education. An article on NACADA, talks about a gap that exists between digital learners and non-digital teachers. The article then goes on to discuss how this gap will only increase if an effort is not made to educate and promote the understanding of teaching digital learners.  Previous generations did not grow up learning how to use these fast-paced advancements. Millennials utilize this technology to excel in multi-tasking and managing multiple projects at a time, a skill that is top on employers lists. (See link: About Careers).

4. Job Satisfaction is Number One

With previous generations, making good money used to be more important than actually loving your job. That does not seem to be the case with Millennials though. They have to love their jobs or they will not stay with them. T. Scott Gross, author, discusses this concept in an article written for Forbes “Everybody wants to earn a good living doing work that matters, because if you show me my time doesn’t matter, I start to think that maybe I don’t matter.” Millennials want to go to work every day and bring with them enthusiasm and passion for the position they are filling. This passion, drive, and love for their jobs is what sets them apart from the rest.



Article by Kaity Norcross