7 Fashion Tips For Broke College Students

As part of the broke college student demographic, it can be extremely difficult to stay stylish with new expenses.

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As part of the broke college student demographic, it can be extremely difficult to stay stylish in college with new expenses, such as books and food. Over the past nine months of being ridiculously poor and  trying to stay current in theCincinnati fashion scene, I have developed some tricks on how not to spend all your money on clothes:

Put all the big annual and semi-annual sales on your calendar and work paychecks around them

There’s nothing worse than driving pastNordstrom’s Anniversary Sale and realizing you only have $4 in your bank account (trust me).

Keep an open mind

Some people think they’re “too good” for Marshalls or TJ Maxx? The only response I have to that is, are you too good for Citizens of Humanity jeans? For $39.99? Frequent thrift and consignment stores on free days – especially when searching for an outfit to wear to 90’s night at a bar.

Don’t buy clothes for the temporary high

Yes, I did just make a reference to getting a high from shopping – and yes, it is possible! A carnal rule of dominating that shopping world is to buy things that will last. Quality 100% over quantity.

Sign up for all those annoying email updates

Why? Two words – flash sales. One moment you may just be scrolling through your email and then all of the sudden you’re saving 30% with promo code WOW25. Also, always save money for big holidays such as July 4th, Labor Day, Black Friday and even Canada Day (thanks American Apparel) – the online sales are always amazing.

Follow up with a store’s customer service line

One time on NastyGal.com, half my order got cancelled due to the items being out of stock. I went into an online chat with a customer service rep with the opening line “WTF? I was so excited about that Melanie Button Up!” and walked out with $20 store credit and a 30% off promotion code for my inconvenience. Most stores are very accommodating when they give you trouble.

Check out Poshmark and thredUP

Both offer brand name merchandise for crazy cheap. Plus you can sell some old stuff that you don’t wear anymore (but they take 20% off all profits). Get a $5 credit when you sign up for Poshmark using the code PHEBC.

Create a uniform

Always have good supplies of basics such as nice white sweaters or tees and jeans for class. Also, always splurge on comfortable undergarments. An uncomfortable bra can make any day horrible.

The transition into college is uncomfortable, so being comfortable and confident with your closet is key! Remember: even if you spend most of your money on clothes, your mom won’t say no when you ask her for money for food (unless she as access to your bank statement – then she definitely will).

Article by Lauren Marquis