Brothers Pass Education at Work Down Through the Family

Countless Education at Work student employees recommend EAW to classmates, friends and even family members.

Brother Pass Education at Work Down at ASU
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Countless Education at Work student employees recommend EAW to classmates, friends and even family members. Meet three of the Chinyere brothers: Henry Chinyere, Jeffry Chinyere and Tyler Chinyere who have passed EAW down through the family. Henry, the second oldest of four brothers, was the first to mention EAW at the family table. His younger brothers, Tyler and Jeffry, followed suit with the same part-time job opportunity because of the tuition assistance benefit and the ability to work around their class schedules.

The Chinyere household is a family of both medical backgrounds and medical aspirations.

Tyler jokes that the medical field runs in the family. The brothers explain that their parents came from Nigeria to America to work in medicine. Ever since, they say their parents have been sharing their passion of helping people and giving back through the medical field.

Earlier this year, Henry graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. He’s continuing his studies in the medical field at the University of Arizona and hopes to achieve his M.D. Jeffry and Tyler are also pursuing medical degrees at Arizona State University and, just like their older brother, are working at EAW too.

Both Tyler and Jeffry say that their parents have supported them in whatever degrees they wanted to pursue. Jeffry is fascinated with optometry while Tyler is interested in radiology. Although the younger brothers are busy with their medical studies each mention that they do not feel overwhelmed while working at Education at Work. Tyler and Jeffry remark on how their older brother, Henry, was able to balance both school and work, and they say that this job has taught them valuable lessons.

“It is kind of nice to be learning professional communication skills,'' says Tyler.

Jeffry adds, “Not many people can say they learned something useful while working part-time.”

The tuition assistance aspect of the job is what inspired the three brothers to apply to EAW. The TA that Henry received helped him graduate debt-free. Tyler and Jeffry are also expected to graduate debt-free. “It is such a huge advantage to not having to worry about these extra finances,” says Tyler.

“Not many students get this opportunity,” Jeffry mentions.

Jeffry is finishing up his senior year at ASU. He is expected to graduate in May 2020. One of the things he wishes to accomplish is to travel the world and help others with his optometry background. Tyler is now entering his second year and is expected to graduate in 2023. His goal is to travel the world as well and aid others in any way possible.

“I think why we are so passionate about helping others is because we learned a lot when we lived in Nigeria for a year,” Tyler says. “You learn to not take things for granted such as a washing machine, electricity and you learn to appreciate life more throughout the culture.”