Choosing The Right University For You

Every major and every university is different and each student wants different things.

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In January, EAW student employee Laura Forero wrote a blog post discussing the important things to consider when choosing the right university for you. Now, we're glad to share with you what De'Voe Sherman, an EAW student employee who attends the University of CIncinnati, sees as the most important factors to consider.


Every major and every university is different and each student wants different things. The chances of finding a perfect match can be a challenge despite there being over 4,000 degree-granting institutions of higher education in the US. To make the right decision, you will need to decide what factors are the most important to you. The more research you put into the process the more likely it is that you will make the right decision for you. Once you have done all the reading, visiting, (and applying!) you can complete your enrollment knowing that you have made a fully informed choice that you are happy with.


Consider Your Major

What you are going to major in has a big impact on the university you will attend. If you go to a school that has a competitive program for your desired major, then you should be proud if you choose to attend that school - and also be prepared for challenging homework and exams, which may be difficult, but also well worth it.

Consider Location
The location of where you want to study is extremely important. Are you a small-town or big-city person? Do you want to stay close to your family or do you want to branch out? Do you want to visit your boyfriend or girlfriend every weekend? All of these are important questions to consider. Also, if a particular region or city interests you, looking at the options there is good idea. Vice versa, if you find a university you are attracted to, it is advisable to look at its geographical location and surroundings.

Additionally, if you want to live at home, that might help you make a simple university decision. Either way, going away to live at a university and remaining at home are two very different experiences.

Consider Size of University

A small university might be perceived to be more personal and cozy, but it also may have fewer extra-curricular activities to choose from. A big university will be busier and may feel more impersonal (lectures can be delivered to hundreds of students at a time). However, there will likely be lots of events and extra-curricular activities to choose from.


These are three items that were helpful to me when I was looking for a university. If you start with these three factors, you'll be well on your way to making a great university choice.





About the Author:

De'Voe Sherman

De’Voe Sherman is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and a graduate of Woodward High School. He is currently studying Political Science & Liberal Arts at the University of Cincinnati. He will be a senior in college this upcoming fall. He has lived in Cincinnati his whole life and after graduating wants to work with the City to construct a plan for city growth and harmony.