Advice for College Students

Students from various Education at Work programs are sharing advice for their peers and incoming freshmen as the new semester begins.

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By Joycelyn Cabrera, Student Digital Reporter

Student Advice: Starting a new semester, EAW new-hires, and incoming freshmen

Students from various Education at Work programs are sharing advice for their peers and incoming freshmen as the new semester begins.

The past two semesters have caused major changes in student life as the COVID-19 pandemic results in remote learning and working from home. With the fall semester starting back up EAW student-agents have advice for new students, returning students, and EAW new-hires.

During COVID-19 – stay connected

When everything is done at home, EAW agents are stressing the importance of staying connected with each other in order to stay on track.

“At work, we have a group chat set up for us, a video call, and we stay connected that way. If we need anything, we’re there for each other: communication, motivation, anything. It’s like we’re still sitting next to each other," says Ali Aldulaimi, an engineering technologies student.

Ali is a part of EAW’s technology service program – and is one of the few agents assigned to handle service issues from multiple computer programs and tools. The encouragement of his team created a positive impact on his productivity as he worked the job from home.

“I stay connected with my friends online. We play dungeons and dragons. It’s nice to still have that connection when I can’t really see them elsewhere. I think those connections are important,” says first-generation college student, Holly Milosevich.

Holly says keeping in touch with her friends while she’s a 45-minute drive away from campus helps her stay positive. With a positive mindset, she can more easily stay motivated and productive during the day.

For EAW New-Hires – take opportunities wherever you can

While seasoned EAW agents are now familiar with a work-at-home structure, newly hired students will be navigating their program from an almost entirely remote environment. The biggest piece of advice EAW students have for new hires is to take initiative.

“Don’t be afraid of being told, ‘no.’ I think I lost a lot of opportunities because I didn’t want to put myself out there,” says Emma Mower, a student coach from EAW’s Downtown Phoenix program.

Emma has worked her way toward a promotion after working on her program’s production floor for only a month. In pursuit of her career path, Emma says taking initiative was important to her growth in the administration field.

“Be open to different learning experiences, and take every opportunity you can get. You’d be surprised at what those experiences can have in store for you,” says Sam Corrales, a former EAW student success ambassador.

When Sam was promoted into EAW’s student success department, she had to keep an open mind about how it could benefit her career path. The personal connections she made with others over the phone and in-person was a necessary skill to learn in order for her to move upward in her degree program.

For Incoming Freshmen – take a deep breath

While the upcoming semester may be new territory for everyone returning to school, none are facing a new environment more so than the incoming freshmen class.

“For the people feeling anxious, I would advise them to take a breath and live each moment as it comes. After time we know what we are capable of, so don’t ask yourself to do more than what you know you can handle, but don’t underestimate yourself either,” says Patricia Zazueta, a senior from Arizona State University.

Taking opportunities and staying on track is important for any incoming freshmen who is started their degree path toward their career – but so is remembering to take a break and take a breath.

“Probably the best advice I can give is the advice I wish someone had given me my freshman and sophomore year, and that’s: breathe,” says Andrew Bland, an ASU graduate who was a member of EAW’s Universal Team. “You’ll be okay, classes are hard, but you’re get through it. Just breathe.”

As new students begin their first semester of college, their first semester online, or their first semester with a part-time job, EAW agents have been working together to keep each other engaged, motivated, and positive.