First Generation: Holly Milosevich

Meet Holly Milosevich, the first in her family to enroll in university. Now that she’s here, she’s determined to meet the goals she’s set.

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"I'm really proud of my accomplishments while in college."

Meet Holly Milosevich, the first in her family to enroll in university. Now that she’s here, she’s determined to meet the goals she’s set for herself while she completes her studies.

“I’m really proud of my accomplishments and my achievements while in college,” Holly says.

Holly is a first-generation student at Arizona State University. Originally from Gold Canyon, Ariz., she commuted to campus during the school year to study accounting and computer information systems to meet her goal of working in financial forensics after graduation.

Holly’s goals have always included going to college and studying something she enjoys. Now, she’s going into her junior year at ASU and is on track to be the first member of her family to get their degree.

“My parents sacrificed a lot so I could go to college, so I wanted to do it for them too,” Holly says.

Holly’s family, originally from Croatia, have been supportive from the beginning. According to Holly, her family is as supportive as they can be, and she has had a strong support system of friends and colleagues to help her enroll into ASU, work through her degree, and meet her goals.

“One of my biggest goals is to graduate Summa Cum Laude from ASU,” Holly says. “Ever since I started college, achieving in that environment has always been important to me, so that's my biggest goal is graduating with that honor from ASU. My goals career-wise are to start at some job with tasks relating to what I'm ultimately going to do and meeting what my career goals are.”

Holly has worked for EAW for over a year, saying the job has helped her both directly and indirectly by giving her skills related to her major along with resume-building experiences she can use after graduation. Specifically, Holly says she’s learned a lot about communication and becoming a leader for her team.

“It's definitely not something I was when I started college, and the experience [with EAW] has helped me grow in that respect,” Holly says.

Her position at EAW allows her to manage financial accounts and represent customer callers with account inquires, giving her a role in an accounting field in line with her major and career goals.

Holly is set to graduate debt-free. She says EAW’s tuition assistance has been a huge financial relief, earning her approximately $6,500 in her three semesters working.

“EAW’s tuition assistance is the final piece of the puzzle in paying for all my tuition costs and allows me to attend college with no cost and no debt, and that’s definitely important to be able to go through college without that debt attached to me.”