How EAW Helped Me Land My Dream Career

Landing my dream career before graduation is something I never thought possible. It’s something I couldn’t have done without the help of Education at Work.

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A strong belief of mine has always been that students deserve to have opportunities to gain real-world experiences while they attend college. EAW’s mission completely incapsulates this idea, and it’s what intrigued me about the company from the very beginning.

After spending a few years as a student recruiter for the company, I was promoted to marketing assistant at the start of 2020. The role expanded my knowledge in marketing and social media, equipping me with the skills I needed to land my dream career.

I have always been an avid user of TikTok, the social media platform where users can record video content up to 60 seconds about any topic which interests them.

During quarantine, I used the platform to make comedic clips in the hopes of going viral. But in November, I endured a new and troubling life circumstance which left me in a state of depression and anxiety — I needed an outlet to talk to my friends virtually as the pandemic ensued, and that’s where my favorite app came in to help me just when I needed it.

Cappuccino is an audio recording app which allows users to make short podcasts with friends — the perfect way to stay connected when people are so distanced.

I used it to stay connected with my friends, get their advice and hear the crazy stories they had to tell. I wanted to share this app with the world, considering everyone had been going through times of loneliness and isolation.

I decided to make a TikTok about the app. The skills I’ve gained through EAW are what ultimately led me to make the perfect viral video.

With the communication skills I’ve gained, I was able to talk about the app in a way which was intriguing and relatable. I started my video off with a clean hook, something which would relate to people my age. I went into detail about the app and how it works, so people understood what it was all about.

My communication skills helped me express something to the masses in a way which resonates with them. The video began to climb in views, and the moment I knew it was beginning to go viral, I took the personal confidence and motivation I gained from my experience with EAW to reach out to the founder of the app via Instagram.

I knew I had created something outstanding. The founder was shocked, immediately seeing the value in a potential partnership. After learning about my professional experience in social media and the soft skills I’ve already gained, he offered me a job as a full-time social media contractor.

The TikTok video now stands at almost four million views, and soon after getting hired, I was able to create another video which hit six million.

I’ve officially been on the Cappuccino team for eight weeks and I am immensely lucky to have a full-time job even before graduation. My skills from EAW have now transferred into my dream career.

Now, I experience the value of teamwork as I work in partnership with our engineers in France, our designer in New York and our head of communication in California. I fulfill my duties as a leader, coordinating all content for social media. I’ve transferred my organizational skills to this career by using a planner, creating a calendar and meeting deadlines. I execute my time management skills by completing work with the motivation to get content out on time.

Lastly, I contribute to the overall success of the company by believing in myself and in my abilities.

I still feel as though I haven’t grasped how crazy it all is.

Never in my life would I think making a TikTok could lead to the job opportunity of a lifetime. It’s crazy to say I am now a social media contractor for my favorite app. I am extremely grateful for EAW and their passion for students gaining real-world experiences before my graduation date.

Because of them, I am completely prepared for the opportunity of a lifetime.