How To Finish Your Senior Year

Graduation is just around the corner, and many students are wondering, well, what now? This time can be difficult for a lot of college students. The motivation dips because they often wonder, does this final year even matter?

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You’re so close to graduation, it can be hard to give yourself that final push. Your senior year is still immensely important, even if you try to convince yourself otherwise. You want to finish your senior year proud of your accomplishments; feeling like you came out at your best. Here are our three tips on how to finish your senior year strong.


1. Stay organized

This can feel like a messy time in life. You’re balancing work, school and a social life all at once, and all of those things are equally important to you. Often times school gets put on the backburner, but with organizational skills you can maintain your motivation to do your school work! Make sure you keep a planner that details all of the work you need to get done as well as a calendar to make sure alongside work and a social life, you’re still making time for school!


2. Let your future motivate you

Push hard now so that future you can reap the rewards. Imagine what your goals are for yourself, your well-being, your future career, and more. Let that motivation guide and push you during your final year of school. Coming out of school knowing you tried your hardest will emphasize the importance of motivation and that feeling will continue with you post-graduation. If you let your inspiration to work hard fizzle out, you’re setting yourself up for not accomplishing future goals. Push yourself now and for forever!


3. Remember why you’re in school

You took all of this time and energy to earn good grades in high school, apply for colleges, and work hard all these years, why stop now? Reflect on all the energy and passion you had to get where you are now. You don’t want that passion to diminish. Spark your passion and reinvigorate your love for learning and gaining skills! Just because it’s your senior year doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. Your skillset is forever growing, use this time to your advantage!


4. Reward yourself

You should be proud of yourself for getting this far! Attending university is no easy feat. If you continue to push yourself and work your hardest during your senior year, you deserve to reward yourself for all of your hard work. Think of what you want your reward to be, a gift for yourself, a mini-vacation, or a trip to your favorite restaurant, and let that future reward motivate you! You’ve earned it.