How to Manage Stress While Being a Student Worker

We often hear: “You need to stay organized by using a planner!” but most students never stick to using one.

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Experiment with organization

We often hear: “You need to stay organized by using a planner!” but most students never stick to using one. Instead, we should encourage students to find the solution that works best for them. This can include setting up reminders on their phones, laptops or tablets. Notifications will inform you when something important is coming up!

Create a schedule that is both flexible and convenient

If we had the ability to be in multiple places at a time, we would. Unfortunately, that’s not our reality. Instead, students should be aware of what can fit into their schedule and what can’t. Keep in mind of overlapping time and should allocate extra time for for travel and sleep. As a student working at the same time while taking classes be sure that your job understands that you may need to switch shifts to finish an assignment. Making money is always fun but be careful not to let your grades slip.

Stress can look and feel different for everybody

Being stressed may feel unavoidable, especially being a student and an employee. With that being said, learn what coping mechanisms work for you in order to feel at peace again. Start small by taking a study break once in a while or take a 15 minute nap between classes. Afterwards, dedicate time for a walk or treating yourself to a favorite study snack!

Be conscious of what you’re eating and putting into your body

As college students we may not always make the healthiest eating choices. It’s not our fault! Instead, we should educate ourselves by making conscious choices while “on the go.” For example, even though eating a donut might fill you up in the morning, try to trade that for a bagel paired with a banana. Students not only save money when they prepare their own meals but overall it’s more nutritious!

Life will seem exhausting, talk to someone about it

We have all been there, when life just starts piling up and you feel like you might explode like a piñata! Don't let this fear get to you, try exploring campus resources to make sure your head is in the right place. Communicate these emotions to your boss or advisor to let them know what’s been going on and how they can help you. Know your support system and stay connected with family and friends.

If you hated naps when you were younger, you’ll definitely appreciate them now

Naps should be a college student’s best friend. We cannot stress enough how important sleep can be! The average college student should sleep for 6-8 hours. If you didn’t get the minimum amount, try scheduling a nap time in your day to feel refreshed before the next thing on your schedule. If students have a hard time falling asleep try looking into aromatherapy and invest in a good sleep mask, it’ll make all the difference.

At the end of the day, these are just some suggestions for students to try. Things may become very overwhelming but at Education at Work we encourage students to take the time and explore what works for them and what doesn’t. Don’t forget to reach out to other students and see what remedies have helped them in the past. Good luck to everyone this semester and don't forget to squeeze in a nap today!