Reinventing Recruiting

LinkedIn’s Global Trends report found that 50% of recruiters expect recruiting to become more like marketing over the next 5 years.

Education at Work reinvents recruiting
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LinkedIn’s fourth annual Global Trends report found that nearly 50% of recruiters expect recruiting to become more like marketing over the next 5-10 years and 70% of employers are turning to brand development to attract future talent.

Millennial job seekers are on the rise in the American economy and according to a Deloitte 2016 survey, they believe companies should put their employees first and have a solid foundation of trust and integrity. The study suggests that companies failing to place these values at the forefront of their brand identity are at risk of losing traction with millennial job seekers.

When looking for employment, millennials evaluate and consider a company’s brand image as closely as they do the job opportunity.  Given this, it is no surprise that recruiting and marketing departments are collaborating to strengthen their brand identities in hopes of attracting strong millennial hires.

There’s a Better Way

Education at Work is building talent pipelines for its clients with college students nearing graduation. They form unique partnerships with universities and business clients which enable college students to work in customer service and entry level professional roles.  Education at Work manages the students in contact centers located on college campuses as well as on the client’s site.  Brand immersion is a critical component for success on the job.

To ensure students will be successful, Education at Work creates a customized campus recruiting plan to successfully hire the best students to fit the hiring criteria. It targets specific degrees, defines the minimum GPA needed, tests for written and oral proficiency and interviews to determine student interest in and affinity for the brand they will represent.

While in the positions, students earn wages and receive up to $6,000 of tax-free tuition assistance annually. Tuition assistance and the opportunity to learn professional skills that can be put to use post-graduation are motivators for students to do their best to support the client. During their time in college, these students become brand evangelists for the companies they are working for and learn how to engage directly with their customers.

Proven Success

This customized recruiting engagement strategy has worked exceptionally well for an Education at Work partner in the financial services industry.

Education at Work began its partnership with this company in September of 2014. Students in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area are recruited by Education at Work’s Educational Outreach team to work in part-time roles on the client site.

Students with matching profiles are put through a three stage interviewing process that begins at Education at Work and ends at the financial services company. Education at Work partnership grows hiring

If selected, they are offered a part-time position in areas such as: data entry/analysis, back office administrative support, IT, customer service or project management.

Elizabeth Woosley, Education at Work’s Manager of Onsite Student Support at the financial services company, said that in some cases, Education at Work students have higher performance metrics than full-time employees working in the same positions. Often, this high productivity is what makes them ideal full-time hires when they graduate. Even if they move to a new department, they have institutional knowledge and experience that other new hires lack.

Since the inception of the program, the client has made full-time job offers to 17 Education at Work student-employees - 75% of those who have graduated from the program.

Former Education at Work student employee
Rafael Torres, Northern Kentucky University Class of 2016

Rafael Torres is one of these graduates. In September of 2015 he interviewed with Education at Work and was offered a part-time job at the financial services company.

Torres is a recent graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics. Rafael learned about a full-time opportunity within the company’s IT department, applied, and was selected for the position. On June 18, 2016, he will be traveling to North Carolina to begin his exciting new job.

Rafael is convinced that the relationships and skills he developed while working part-time at the company led directly to his full-time opportunity.


Dana Spencer is another of the new full-time hires. She began her part-time position at the company in June of 2014 and also recently graduated with a full-time job offer in place.

Dana Spencer Northern Kentucky University class of 2016
Dana Spencer, Northern Kentucky University Class of 2016

Dana is thrilled to join what she calls the “family” she found at the company.

When asked what impact Education at Work had on her success she said, “I never would have pursued education further than my associate degree if I hadn’t found Education at Work. But, I graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree, debt free, and with a full-time job because Education at Work provided me the opportunity. I hope to retire with this company.”

Education at Work’s unmatched recruiting strategy fully integrates job candidates into its business partner’s company culture well before they are hired full-time. A Senior Vice President of Global Operations said, “I really believe in the Education at Work program. Not only does it benefit the students, it is a great flexible resource for business and provides a pool of talented hires with direct experience.”

This part-time college student model provides present and future benefits.  Students fill critical business needs for clients while in school and create a future talent pipeline for full-time employment post-graduation. Through a partnership with Education at Work, companies are able to attract quality candidates who have already proven their talent and loyalty to the brand.



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