Student Spotlight: Christian Mickelsen

“Teaching students what they needed to know to go out onto the floor was a great opportunity.”

Student Spotlight - Christian Mickelsen
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After gaining insight about the opportunities available at Education at Work during a career fair at the University of Utah, Christian Mickelsen, a finance major, applied to Education at Work. After being hired at EAW, Christian quickly found himself gaining newfound skills. Within three months at EAW, Christian received a promotion, becoming a Student Trainer for one of our current partners in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As a Student Trainer, Christian was in charge of coaching and instructing newly recruited students to help prepare them for their new roles in customer service. A typical day revolved around training, which started with icebreakers, then moved into lessons, and eventually transitioned to roleplaying and practicing in their specific positions. Christain says this role was extremely rewarding for a multitude of reasons.

"I got to interact with staff in a different way. Instead of saying 'hey, I have a problem. I need your help, I could come to them and say hey I'm a trainer, how can we help you?" says Christian. "Being able to establish that dichotomy of a relationship was my favorite part of my job."

Christian also enjoyed the special bonds created between students. "My position helped students in that we were in the trenches with them. We're student trainers, so we're going through all the same stuff they are," Christian says. As a student, Christain appreciated EAW's ability to work around his school schedule as well. He says that and the foundational skills he gained were the biggest benefits to him and his finance major.

"My people skills have really developed and it's given me the chance to improve my work ethic as well. By doing well at EAW, you're able to show other employees 'hey look, I worked here and here's what I did and got a promotion,' shows the chain of success you can have at EAW."

Over his time at EAW, Christian earned approximately $7,000 in tuition assistance. He has just passed his year mark, and will now be working full-time for the Bank of Utah as a Secondary Market Analyst.

"I really enjoyed working here. I'm sad to go because I've made great relationships in a unique environment. It set me up well to succeed in the future since they hold you accountable for your academics."

We're sad to see you go Christian, but can't wait to see what the future holds for him!