Senior Spotlight: Seth Cole

Seth Cole has worked with EAW for nearly ten months, with his team being one of the first to focus on technical care and software support.

Student Spotlight - Seth Cole
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“I got a better college experience from working with EAW.”

Seth Cole has worked with Education at Work for nearly ten months, with his team being one of the first to focus on technical care and software support.

A senior at Arizona State University, Seth always knew he wanted to work in business, and he will graduate with a degree in professional sales from the W.P. Carey School of Business this coming May.

Seth found his way to professional sales after he developed a passion for public speaking and human relations while in high school. At ASU, he found a major that allows him to work in a field he enjoys while opening up job prospects. Seth says EAW further prepared him for jobs in his career and was flexible with his academic needs.

“I have a pretty chaotic schedule, I do a lot of work for ASU through clubs, I’m very involved, I do freelance work, so I needed something flexible that would fit my lifestyle,” Seth says. “That’s what EAW promised as a workplace for college students.”

For his last year in college, Seth got experience working with a collegiate workforce, helping him develop professionally alongside his peers.

Seth has gained skills in networking, communication, and problem solving during his several months with his program. He has learned to problem solve with his co-workers, as opposed to relying on supervisors and upper management.

“There are a lot of unique minds where I work and there’s this really good network of smart students who are able to help me sort through my thoughts on the problem,” Seth says.

Seth has earned approximately $3,500 in tuition assistance.  “It was that last bit to push me over the top,” Seth says.

During his previous three years at ASU, Seth said that even with scholarships and financial aid, he had to take out $2,000/semester in student loans. With the financial support from EAW, he has not had to take out another loan for his senior year.

“I was able to manage to pay off most of my student loan debt and that’s been a really big stress reliever.”

Even though Seth did not spend the majority of his time in college with EAW, he did grow and develop right alongside his EAW team, which was one of the first to partner with a multinational technical support and software service. During his final year as a college student, Seth gained professional skills which directly support his career field, and eased financial stresses along the way.

“It was a really nice way to spend my time in college and I got a better college experience from working with EAW,” Seth says.