Student Earns a Top-Tier Internship Position

Madelyn Sugg, an Education at Work employee worked hard to get into a prestigious internship offered by one of our clients.

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Madelyn Sugg, a student attending Arizona State University, majoring in business communications and an Education at Work employee since 2017 worked hard to get herself into a 10-week prestigious internship offered by one of our financial service clients. This internship opportunity allowed Madelyn to take a step further in achieving her career goals, provided her exposure to the technical and business side of the financial service company, gave her the chance to network and increased her confidence. Our client offers top-tier students this competitive 10-week paid internship with the possibility of a full-time job offer starting in an Operations Leadership Program after graduation.

We spoke to Madelyn about her experience during the competitive, all-inclusive 10-week internship. Here is what she had to say:

How did you hear about this internship opportunity?

I saw a flyer posted. The internship sounded cool but the information was vague. An EAW supervisor came to me and basically said, “You're applying.” My supervisors at EAW were really encouraging and offered me all kinds of advice and information. After going through an interview process that was about two months long, I received a call that I was accepted into the internship.

What did you learn from this internship experience?

The experience was amazing. I learned more about the company culture, took on more projects and learned how I work best in a corporate setting. During the internship I took classes and invested time in my leadership skills. The projects I worked on were very self-lead but I also had a mentor to coach me. My mentor was very involved, discussing the industry with me, giving me books that were valuable and talking to me about my plans and goals. Everyone at the internship really cared about your success and wanted to see you grow and flourish as people. Everything I worked on during the internship was a great learning experience. I know that I went into this experience hesitant about networking. The projects I worked on involved interviewing people and I had to set meetings up with people which made me learn to network, go for it and see if people were available to talk. After this experience, I know I can make a connection happen and I feel more confident in my networking skills.

What have you learned at Education at Work?

Being here [at EAW] has taught me not to be afraid to ask for something and make something happen. There are a lot of chances to improve your work experiences - to seek opportunities and to understand how to make your voice heard.

What would you tell other students about the internship and the opportunities it provided you?

It’s an amazing experience for anyone who will be working in the corporate world. The skills you develop, the things you learn and the connections you make are invaluable.