Success Story: Stevan Rademann

A recent Information Systems graduate from the University of Cincinnati has found his way to his dream career through Education at Work.

Steven Rademann
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Stevan Rademann started with EAW in 2018, working for our Global Financial Services partner. He was contacted by EAW through the hiring platform, Handshake, and knew he wanted to apply for the position. During his time at EAW, Stevan earned over $6,000 in tuition assistance and gained a handful of skills along the way for his future career.

“I learned how to use a new company software, understood how the company does things culturally, and I realized how to manage work on your own,” says Stevan. “Having a 39-hour work week taught me how to be in a real office for a whole work week. At first it was demanding but then you get in the groove.”

Alongside his newfound understanding of company culture, Stevan says that he felt treated as an equal to his fellow associates. “They put a lot of trust in the team. We were able to do things on our own and that can help you grow as an employee and helps you strive to want to work full-time.”

With a degree in Information Systems, Stevan was on the hunt for his dream career and found it with that same Financial Services company. At first, Stevan planned to join a lead program with the company, but as the pandemic started, that opportunity was closed down. With a new panic of what to do next, Stevan suddenly found himself accepting an offer to work-full time with the company as a software engineer, starting in January.

“When I first started at EAW I didn’t think that first position would lead to my dream job. That’s what hard work with Education at Work can get you,” says Stevan.

Education at Work is honored to guide students along their career journey, from the very beginning, until they flourish in their full-time careers. Congrats Stevan, we are happy to have had you!