Tuition Assistance Celebration

We’re very proud to announce another key milestone achieved by the Education at Work organization!

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We’re very proud to announce another key milestone achieved by the Education at Work organization!  We wrote out our first tuition assistance checks and made payouts to our first few eligible and highly talented student-employees who perform customer service work for our clients.  Thus far, we have paid a total amount of $9,000 in tuition assistance to our students and will continue to payout more in upcoming months.  In order to qualify for tuition assistance, college students need to have worked with Education at Work for at least 6-months and must maintain a high grade point average in school.  The students who work in our program and excel academically can earn up to $6,000 per year in tuition assistance.  All of the money earned goes towards the cost of each student recipient’s college education and will be paid directly to the Cincinnati-area college or university they currently attend.

At Education at Work, we believe it’s important to celebrate major accomplishments, and most importantly for us, the accomplishments of our students that have worked hard to earn this tuition assistance money.  We celebrated in a big way about a month ago by holding the first Tuition Assistance Awards event at the Education at Work headquarters in Cincinnati, OH on February 20, 2013.  We invited EAW staff members, the EAW student-employee recipients, other current EAW student-employees and client-partners to join in on recognizing the importance of this event to our mission.  Our Founder and CEO, Dave Dougherty, spoke at the event and emphasized the importance of learning the critical job skills that a customer service job can teach college students.  He explained, “The job you’re doing is more than a job. It’s an opportunity, to learn invaluable skills you will need. I don’t care no matter what your major or what your profession”.  He also stressed the importance of maintaining high grades and earning a degree, “Employers today want students to have a degree. Either a 2-year degree or a 4-year degree, it depends on the job. And to have the critical job skills you need to be successful in the workplace”.

To see and hear more from the event, check out this cool YouTube video that recaps the first Education at Work Tuition Assistance Celebration!  We’re very excited to share this video with you!  We hope it helps shed some light on the EAW mission and the accomplishments of the amazing students we’re privileged to work with everyday.