An Unmatched Collegiate Workforce

Since 2012, EAW has delivered exceptional workforce solutions to forward-thinking companies while striving to decrease college students’ financial burdens through positions offering an hourly wage plus tuition assistance. EAW’s tuition assistance program is set up to drive high performance – both inside the classroom for their students, and in the business environment for their clients.

Discover the Advantage of EAW's Workforce Solutions

Open the door to a fresh talent pool of smart, eager-to-achieve employees who fill hard-to-fill time slots, including evening and weekends. These employees showcase problem solving and critical thinking skills. They reach proficiency on key metrics quickly, with reduced training times.

Driving Client and Classroom Performance with Tuition Assistance

EAW offers students a competitive base wage in addition to $5,250 per year in tuition assistance based on their GPA and program performance. As a result, students consistently meet and exceed client metrics and are motivated to achieve both inside and outside of the classroom.

EAW's Student Workforce

Future Talent Pipeline

With EAW, clients can ensure their talent pipeline can help them achieve their own diversity initiatives. EAW recruits from a talent pool where more than 50% of the college students are from diverse, underrepresented backgrounds.

EAW’s student employees represent a variety of fields of study such as marketing, sales, computer science, business, and engineering.

EAW Students are the Heart
and Soul of the Business

EAW invests in the future of students. EAW student employees not only have an opportunity to learn communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills, but many are also offered opportunities to participate in client-driven special projects ranging from marketing analysis to contact center design. EAW continues to expand their programs’ skill-building toolset with financial literacy, time management and additional curriculum appropriate for 21st century learning.