Demetria Ingram

Vice President, Learning and Development

As Vice President of Learning and Development, Demetria is responsible for the implementation of learning strategies, direction, and the evaluation of all corporate training programs. She collaborates with stakeholders on cross-functional quality and training policies to ensure that training is consistent, compliant, and appropriate to enhance overall performance and employee/student enablement.


With over 13 years of experience, Demetria has worked with global BPO partners to support strategic business goals and to oversee knowledge management infrastructures. Her responsibilities included the identification of developmental needs of domestic and international training communities to incorporate learning interventions that align with the business competency framework.  As an internal auditor, she educated domestic corporate departments on ISMS and Quality Management standards to prevent nonconformities to ensure compliance and maintenance global standing.


An executive with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Doctor of Medicine, Demetria uses her platform to participate in the movement of lifting communities through education. She aligns herself with EAW’s mission to help students become professionally equipped and financially stable through and after college.