EAW Places Students at the Center of Success

EAW invests in their students to ensure success in both the classroom and at work.

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What EAW Offers Students:

A Competitive Wage + Tuition Assistance

Students can gain a competitive wage plus the opportunity to earn up to $5,250 in tuition assistance per year. Tuition assistance accrual is based on the following factors: hours worked, attendance, job performance and college semester GPA.

Career Skills + Student Support

Students will benefit from support services such as gaining career-readiness skills, learning management technology and taking certification programs. Students will be prepared to enter the full-time job market with a resume-worthy job and the career-ready skills to succeed.

A Focus On Academics

Students can work around their class schedules while working part-time on behalf of leading U.S. companies. EAW offers opportunities which enhance higher education – helping students gain soft skills to complement their career paths.

How the EAW
Interview Process Works

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About the Tuition Assistance Program

Find out how to earn tuition assistance while employed at Education at Work.

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