The EAW Mission

Creating employment pathways for college students leading to personal growth, financial stability and career success.

Building Brighter Futures

Fulfilling the EAW mission depends on the success of clients who recognize energetic, tech-savvy college students are the key to creating strong contact center partnerships.

EAW strives to place student success at the core of the EAW mission. EAW strongly believes in the transformative power of higher education, and continues to develop a company culture which consistently reinforces lifelong learning. Each staff member shares a responsibility to contribute to the development of the workforce’s personal, educational and professional growth. EAW promotes a comfortable and collaborative environment valuing the ideas and creativity of EAW students.

EAW partners with leading universities and forward-thinking companies to employ these college students in a variety of customer support positions – in campus centers or at client sites. Since 2012, EAW has diversified their client portfolio by partnering with top US-based companies within technology, communications, e-commerce, healthcare and financial services.

How Does EAW Fulfill The Mission?

  • Providing tuition assistance programs as a vehicle which drives student performance inside and outside of the classroom
  • Promoting in-house advancement opportunities for students to cultivate their talents through internships, co-ops, and external marketing activities
  • Helping students leverage their customer service experiences to create a strong personal brand and resume upon graduation
  • Investing in students to create a distinguished workforce equipped with a high level of technical skills and emotional intelligence
  • Optimizing students’ professional growth through consistent and constructive feedback and creating channels for open communication

EAW contact centers are designed to cultivate a positive and empowering atmosphere. Every employee, both student and professional, understands the important role they play in reaching the EAW vision, and are bold representatives of the EAW mission in action. Therefore, every member of the organization identifies with these BOLD values:

Bring It

I care – every person, every situation, every time. I let my character shine through by being patient, showing empathy, and committing to problem-solving. I showcase respect and concern for team members and customers and allow my passion to infect those around me.

Own It

I help bring our vision to life. I am proud of the daily impact I make on the organization. I understand personal ownership and perseverance impacts the greater picture. I honor my promises by doing what I say I am going to do and taking charge of my actions.

Live It

I help create a chain reaction of success; learning through doing, celebrating achievements and continually improving. My experiences build relevant skills for my future, shaping me personally and professionally.

Dream It

I will use the transformative power of education to realize my dreams. Through preparation and determination, I am ready for my future.

Combined Wages & Tuition
Assistance Awarded To Date:

Over $75 Million