Student Impact

EAW's students are at the heart and soul of the business. EAW continually strives to improve the value brought to them.

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Company Overview

Since 2012, Education at Work has been relieving students’ financial burdens by offering a regular hourly wage to student employees while also providing the possibility of earning up to $5,250 per calendar year in tax-free tuition. This financial commitment affords students the ability to work one manageable job while still being fully immersed in their university.

Combined Wages & Tuition
Assistance Awarded To Date:

Over $75 Million


  • On average EAW students finished college with $15,000 less student loan debt than their peers


  • 71% of EAW graduates said EAW's tuition assistance was critical to funding their education

8 of 10 Graduates Agree that EAW Participation:

Positively impacted their overall college experience

Positively impacted their ability to complete their college degree

Positively impacted their confidence in interviewing for jobs

Positively impacted their readiness to join the workforce

EAW Graduate Testimonials

“Thanks to my time at Education at Work (EAW), I was not only able to decrease my total student debt and gain new skills but also form lifelong friendships. I am so thankful to have had this job and every time I encounter someone preparing to start college I am so eager to share information about EAW and the impact it had on my life.”

“EAW prepared me to be a successful employee upon graduation. I had the experience, connections, and financial security I needed to now be a leader in my company. I am on a 2-3 year lead from most people who would be going for the same position. EAW gave me experience I never would have had since I was not in a program with internships.”

“EAW allowed me to graduate with less student debt and afforded me the opportunity to start my career earlier.”

“EAW was the first job I had where you were encouraged to set goals with your manager. It made me comfortable with management and taught me the benefits of planning for the future.”

Student Spotlight:
Alisa Cloward

Alisa, a first-gen student, worked at EAW on behalf of a leading global tech company and went on to receive a full-time position with that same company after graduation.

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