Student FAQs

View our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to working at Education at Work and our tuition assistance policy.

What type of work do student-employees do?

The majority of our positions are customer service and sales positions in a contact center environment. In these positions, student-employees interact with customers over the phone and help them resolve issues or connect customers to products they can’t resist. In addition, some of our students work at our client’s place of business and offer back-office, data-entry, and other office support.

Do students need to have a specific major to apply?

All majors and disciplines from an accredited university or college are welcome to apply. If you're a student and unsure if your institution is accredited, you can speak with your academic advisor.

Are your positions located on campus?

Our vision is to employ 100,000 college students on campuses across the United States. Today we have four campus locations: Northern Kentucky University, Arizona State University and University of Utah. We also have positions available directly in company offices, or "client sites." Our headquarters is located in Norwood, Ohio, 15 minutes away from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Is Education at Work the same as work-study?

Education at Work is not a government funded program. Unlike work study, we don’t base tuition assistance amount on current financial need and our funds are not federally-based.

Do you work around class schedules?

We are dedicated to working with students and their school schedules. We customize work schedules so student-employees are not scheduled to work during class times. At the beginning of each semester they provide us with a current class schedule so we can create a schedule for the semester based on academic needs that also meets client needs.

How many hours do students work a week?

The amount of hours Education at Work employees work depend on the program, and range from 20 per week.

How does Education at Work decide which client program an employee is placed into?

During an in-person interview, our staff learns about a student's background, career goals, and aspirations. Several of our programs can be connected to academic majors and we try to place students in programs that match their personality, skills, and career goals.

How much do student-employees get paid?

Hourly wages vary by market location. Please note that wages are different from tuition assistance, which is paid separately.

Is there a dress code?

We do encourage student-employees to dress business casual when coming to work, unless the client has a policy that requires something different.

What is the Tuition Assistance Program?

The Tuition Assistance Program is an educational assistance program that is paid directly to an accredited college or university to cover tuition costs, mandatory fees and required books. The program is designed to help students minimize their student loan debt.

How do I earn Tuition Assistance?

Tuition assistance awards will be accrued on the following (3) factors:

  1. Number of hours worked Sunday - Saturday per week (a minimum of 20 hours per week is required)
  2. Job performance/KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) reviewed on a monthly basis.
  3. Academic Performance will be accrued weekly and will be factored into the final award payment at the end of semester (based on semester GPA) [3.0 and above]
How much Tuition Assistance can I earn per semester?

The amount of Tuition Assistance you can earn per semester depends on what you accrue between working 20 hours per week, job performance and academic performance at the conclusion of the semester. 

For the purposes of the Tuition Assistance policy, semesters are defined as:

  • Spring Semester: January – April
  • Summer Semester: May – July (Summer payouts will be adjusted based on session taken)
  • Fall Semester: August – December


What is the maximum amount that I can earn per year with the Tuition Assistance Program?

You can earn up to $5,250 tax-free benefit annually. This benefit allowance resets at the start of each calendar year.

What is the specific approval/review process?

You can review your current tuition assistance accrual via the Tuition Assistance Portal with your supervisor. Once you apply, HR reviews your application, if it is in good order it moves on to Executive/Operation approval, President approval and then to our Controller, who issues the payment information to our check provider. The checks are then sent to the institution in which you are enrolled.

How long does my tuition assistance application take to process?

Applications take approximately 10-15 business days to process from initial approval to mailing the check to the university. 

What if I am concerned about late fees due to a late submission?

In these cases, HR can provide a letter with an EAW letterhead that you can provide to your

Bursar/Student Finance representative. This letter contains check/payment information, the purpose of which is to let the Bursar know that a payment is incoming to the account shortly. This can be used to offset potential late fees. Also, HR can contact your university to lobby their removal either by email or phone.

When do I become eligible to apply for the Tuition Assistance Program?

You are eligible immediately, however you can only submit an application for tuition assistance after the conclusion of your most recent semester, provided the grades from that semester were earned after your start date with EAW. Keep in mind you must also accumulate 20 hours a week to be fully eligible for the max benefit.

How many times can I apply?

You are eligible to apply for TA each time you receive new grades for courses completed while at EAW. You cannot use the same grades twice.

How many hours do I need to work per week in order to qualify for the Tuition Assistance Program?

A minimum of 20 hours per work week is required. Any other exceptions must be reviewed by Human Resources. 

Why did the requirement change to 20 hours per week?

We have simplified our tuition assistance policy by removing attendance as a factor for receiving tuition assistance and increasing the average hours requirement for Tuition Assistance. 20 hours per week showcases consistency and stability for our business clients and remains competitive in today’s marketplace.

Under Previous policy, if you missed shifts during the week, it could hinder your ability to earn TA (hour accrual) for the entire month. Under this policy, you are accruing TA every week of the year that you hit the 20 hour target.  

How do I view where I currently stand with Tuition Assistance?

You will be sent a monthly summary showing your hours worked, KPI metrics, and GPA along with your monthly earnings. Additionally please touch base with your supervisor and local HR teams if you have any questions about your accruals/standing.

What happens if I’m on an LOA from work?

You will not accrue TA while you are on LOA. You’ll need to come back from your LOA and reach your hour requirement again before you can apply.

What if I’m only enrolled as an online student?

As long as you are part of an accredited institution, you are still eligible to apply for tuition assistance, provided you meet the other requirements outlined by the program.

Are there items that are not covered by tuition assistance program?

Tuition Assistance benefits do not include payments for the following items: meals, housing, transportation, tools, or supplies (other than textbooks).

Can Tuition Assistance be applied to a previous loan?

No. Payments will only be made directly to the university and will not be made payable to student loan companies.

What happens if I have loans covering or applied to my university bill?

Any loans taken out after your hire date will be treated as a balance on your bill, but the payment will still only be sent your university – depending on university procedure you will then receive a credit through your student account for the amount we sent.

What happens to the Tuition Assistance that I earn if my employment is terminated?

You forfeit any accrued/unused tuition funds in your account.

If I resign from Education at Work what happens to any unused Tuition Assistance funds?

Students must be currently employed by EAW to receive tuition assistance benefits. No payments will be issued after employment ends and any accrued/unused funds will be forfeit.

Can I submit transcripts or invoices from prior schooling?

Only if the transcripts and GPA are from your most recent semester while employed with EAW. Any grades earned before your hire date cannot be utilized.

What if I have earned tuition assistance but I have a “zero balance” due at school for a semester?

Those funds or “banked funds” will remain here at EAW until you have a balance sufficient to send them. To do this, simply submit another application with the transcript that earned you the funds from your previous application along with a new bill/balance and new course schedule. Be sure to request any banked funds in the note section of the application as well – otherwise HR will not factor them into your payout.

What happens if I am on a full scholarship?

You can use the Tuition Assistance Funds to offset any portion of your tuition that might not be covered by the scholarship, including books. Those funds or “banked funds” will remain here at EAW until you have a balance sufficient to send them. To do this, simply submit another application with the transcript that earned you the funds from your previous application along with a new bill/balance and new course schedule.

How do I get reimbursed for books with tuition assistance?

Book reimbursement applications require a $0 balance on your student account first, meaning your tuition and fees have to be covered first. To apply, submit your current bill, grades, upcoming course schedule, book receipt(s) and course syllabi stating the book requirements for the courses or a University required book list. Books can be purchased from book stores or 3rd party sellers like Amazon. Additionally, you must have banked funds available to apply for book reimbursement otherwise we cannot process a reimbursement.

If the program is closed for Holiday, is 20 hours still required to meet weekly goal if I am scheduled to work that day?

Yes – all students are required to work with their supervisor and WFM to ensure they maintain a 20 hour per week average.  In the case of voluntary time off (VTO) or an unforeseen event, HR will make a determination and notify students the impact this has on the weekly accrual of hours.

Are there different requirements for hours per week while in training?

All EAW students are required to maintain a 20 hours per week average. However if your training schedule is such that can only be scheduled less than 20 hours throughout the duration of your training an exception will be considered for those weeks.

Do I have to hit 100% of identified KPI’s in the month to qualify for TA?

Yes – our key performance indicators are requirements for doing business with our clients and we must continually showcase our ability to perform for our business client to continue living our mission.

How do I submit my tuition assistance application?

Good question! Click here for a step by step walk through!

What documents do I need to submit for tuition assistance?

We require three documents:

  1. A current itemized bill from your institution for the upcoming semester for which you are seeking tuition assistance. Please take a screenshot of your bill with a balance due when you register for the semester. Do not submit a bill with a $0 balance.
  2. Upcoming semester class schedule for your next semester
  3. Unofficial academic transcript or semester grade report for your most recent semester. Be sure the grade report has a posted final GPA / credit-hours earned and the semester in which the grades were earned.

What formats are acceptable for my documents?


How do I take a screenshot on an Apple machine?

  1. Press Command-Shift-4.
  2. Move the crosshair pointer to where you want to start the screenshot.
  3. Drag to select an area.
  4. When you've selected the area you want, release your mouse or trackpad button.
  5. Find the screenshot as a .PNG file on your desktop.

How do I take a screenshot on a Windows machine?

  1. Click Start and in the search bar, type "Snipping Tool" and open the program.
  2. Click "New".
  3. Click and drag to capture the desired area.
  4. Click "Save as" and save your new file as a JPEG or PNG file.
Employee Application Procedure
  • To register and submit go to: (
  • Follow the required fields and prompts to complete the registration
  • Complete the email verification step to officially register your account; Once your application is complete, sign the program application;Submit the application along with:
  • Transcript indicating classes / courses that are being taken for the semester or quarter
  • Invoice showing amount due for the upcoming semester (not past semester)
  • Proof of GPA from most recent semester
    • You are responsible for making sure that this information is submitted to Human

Resources/tuition assistance portal on time in order to reasonably meet College/University payment deadlines

  • Education at Work is not responsible for payment on any paperwork that is received beyond the reasonable deadline
  • You will receive a statement confirmation via the portal after payment has been issued and verified by the university (and/or a letter of acknowledgement from the university).
Restrictions and Conditions
  • Payments will be capped at $5,250 per calendar year in accordance with current IRS guidelines.
  • See the IRS link here for details: (
  • Tuition Assistance that is earned but not paid will be “banked” and available for students for the next semester.
  • Students receive credit for courses completed while working at EAW. Students cannot receive credit for grades obtained prior to being employed by EAW (i.e. incoming freshman cannot use high school grades to qualify for tuition assistance awards.)
  • Students can apply for Tuition Assistance each time they receive a new set of grades at the completion of the semester. They may not submit an application using grades submitted previously.
  • Payments cannot be applied to balances incurred prior to employment with Education at Work.
  • Payments will be made to the university and may be used for tuition and mandatory fees.
  • Students can be reimbursed directly for books assuming all documentation is submitted and approved in the TA portal.
  • Tuition benefits cannot be applied toward the following items: meals, lodging, transportation, tools or supplies. Please see your local HR representative for specific information regarding reimbursement of books.
  • Courses involving athletics, games and hobbies, unless they have reasonable relationship to the business of Education at Work or are required as part of a student’s degree program, will not be covered under the Tuition Assistance program.
  • The Tuition Assistance awards will be reduced by the amount of funds that are paid directly to the university on the student’s behalf (i.e., grants, GI Bill, or other financial assistance.) The university’s financial aid office is responsible for managing the funds on behalf of the student.
  • An employee must be actively employed by EAW at the time of tuition award disbursement in order to receive the benefit. If an employee resigns from employment with Education at Work, any unused Tuition Assistance funds will be forfeited.
  • The Tuition Assistance program may have specific requirements for start-up programs during initial hiring period(s) that are not outlined in this policy. Each new program will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Education at Work reserves the right to revise or suspend the Tuition Assistance program at any time.
  • The Tuition Assistance Program is a supplemental educational assistance award program for EAW employees only and are not subject to employee repayment.

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