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Education at Work is a US-based provider of contact center and staffing services with a mission to help college students graduate with little to no debt and the skills they need to secure careers post-graduation. What makes us different is our workforce and workspace. Our workforce is comprised of talented college students and our secure, dedicated workspace can be found on a college campus. Unlike other BPO providers we are a non-profit. Our shareholders are our students and our mission is funded through serving our clients’ business needs.

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Powered by Smart, Tech-Savvy College Students

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Through partnering with clients who believe in our mission to eliminate student debt, we are able to create a student-centered work environment. We recognize our students are our greatest resource. Our environment is rich with developmental coaching and professional development opportunities. Our scheduling is flexible so that students have time for work and time to focus on classes and studying. Students learn skills such as communication, problem solving, and teamwork that help them assimilate into the workforce post-graduation.

With an Undeniable Mission-Driven Spirit

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With over 20 years of experience in the business process outsourcing industry, including serving as President and CEO of Convergys, Dave Dougherty saw a new opportunity for the industry: tackling the United States’ student debt crisis. Why couldn’t current college students reduce their own debt while working part-time positions in the BPO industry?

Since its inception in 2012, Education at Work has placed over 2,000 students into part-time positions in the BPO industry and on client sites. Through our mission we have awarded over three million dollars in tuition assistance.

Join us as we change the landscape of the student debt crisis and employ 100,000 students and give out $1.3 billion in tuition assistance by 2025.

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