Responsible Sourcing for Business Process Solutions

Education at Work is a U.S.-based provider of staffing solutions, whose mission is to help high-achieving college students gain the career-ready skills and financial stability needed to succeed after graduation.

Responsible Sourcing

The Advantage

EAW's collegiate workforce delivers unmatched customer support, tailored to their client. This provides an exceptional customer experience and doubles as a pipeline to diverse talent, equipped to support client needs.

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From traditional contact center customer engagement, to specialized customer experiences, EAW’s workforce has a proven track record of delivering satisfaction which goes above and beyond industry expectations.

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Client Stories

EAW’s student workforce delivers immediate support in order to resolve customers’ most complex issues. The EAW workforce creates personal connections, building brand loyalty through engagement.

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The EAW Mission in Action

While EAW’s collegiate workforce continues to make a positive impact for their clients, they have also reached a remarkable milestone. In total, EAW has awarded over $65 million in wages and tuition assistance.

Partnership Expansion at Arizona State University

EAW expands its site in Tempe, Arizona. With support from its partners, Arizona State University and a global technology company, Education at Work furthers its mission to help college students graduate with little to no debt while gaining career building skills.